Best Kids Keyboards For 3 To 5 Year Olds!


Benefits Of Kids Keyboards For 3 To 5 Year Olds!

It’s pretty important that children get the opportunity to play music. Not only does it provide them with entertainment, but it can also kick-start their brains to learn, it can serve as an indication of a routine and it offers other lifelong benefits. Music helps children by causing a rich sensory environment that will help them develop the other areas of the brain that are connected to tastes, smells, textures, sound and color.

A lot of the times when children are listening to music it will help them understand some subjects better in school. The most important reason to expose nursery rhythms and songs to children is to develop language and communication skills. It is a good idea to make sure that your children are learning the songs and are have an entertaining time!

             Best Kids Keyboards For 3 To 5 Year Olds!

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Kids Are Like Sponges

The benefits to introducing your child to music at a young age is that they are like sponges that are ready to absorb so much information. If your child wants to keep on playing the same songs repeatedly, don’t get mad; make it fun, because your child is learning the process of repetition. It’s important to note that children may not be able to understand the song lyrics.

They are listening to the rhythm and in turn are experimenting with different pitches. It’s also, important for your children to learn coordinated movements. More reasons to learn from an early age is for memory improvement, creative thought process, teaching discipline, sharpening attention span and greatly improving hearing.


Swinsung pink kids keyboard for 3 to 5 year olds


Areas Of Development

There are four developments that children from the age 3 to 5 will have; intellectual, physical, social and emotional. With the intellectual development they will start the phase where they are playing imaginary games, starting to store memories, starting to remember their colors, learning simple counting, and starting to understand the concept of time.

By the time they are 3, your children should be able to understand about 300 words. By the time they are 4, they should be able to understand 1,500 words. And when they get to the age 5, they should be able to understand 2,500 words.

In their physical development they should be running around, hopping, climbing and swinging. At the age 5, they should be able to draw a person or a stick of a person, circles and learning how to make squares. For the emotional development your children will be experiencing some shifts from reality to fantasy.

For the social development your children will want to socialize with other children more and learn how to deal with conflict and problems between friends.

When your children are socializing with other children, remember that they develop at different times; so, some children will already be rhythming and younger children will still be learning words. When a younger child starts to interact with an older child, they’ll start to pick up words or gestures from them.

Your children can learn to play the Toy Musical keyboard and with some encouragement, this toy can help them become more social with other kids who have the same interest. When children play in a group they will get a greater sense of rhythm. Studies show that children that learn to play musical instruments, will have a better understanding on the subject’s math, reading and verbal communications. Later in life when your children are still playing music, they will have better coordination, memory and timing.

Exposing your little tyke to a kids keyboard means exposing him or her to possibly the easiest way to teach kids music. In the same way that a 3-year-old kid is attracted to the sound of bells from the ice cream truck, so would the same interest be piqued upon hearing sounds from a kids keyboard.


Why Kids Keyboards For 3 To 5 Year Olds?

Now why a kids keyboard? A kid learning by listening to music does not learn as fast as that kid learning by playing the keyboard itself. This is why some toy keyboards emerged for kids younger than 3 years. Ever read about the kids keyboard in mat form? These items would produce sounds or tunes depending on which “key” the child steps on. Other kids find it easier to use their hands and touch this kind of kids keyboard to learn new tunes.

A kids keyboard in mat form is not too thin to have a little space for the 3 x AA batteries. Most kids keyboards are battery-operated. The mat version of the kids keyboard is no exception. Then again they are thin enough to be folded away.


Red and Green Kids keyboard for 3 to 5 year olds.

Different Designs Of A Kids Keyboard For 3 To 5 Year Olds

Now the other kind of kids keyboard for 3 to 5 year olds is the one that resembles an actual keyboard played by live bands. Except that it is a lot more colorful. Some versions even have images of animals or cartoon characters printed on the sticker. Smaller than the mat version, it is not too small that kids cannot play the keys. Now your kid may only play with this kind of keyboard once he or she is older than 3 years of age. On the other hand, after that age, they must have outgrown the mat version to move on to the mini-keyboard version.

Now this is the time when kids start remembering sounds. They grasp the tunes previously learned from their previous version of the kids keyboard. Other kids keyboards can include kid-friendly sheet music to play with. By this time, you as a parent, can end up learning new tunes with your kid. Now that both of you have a sheet music to refer to when trying to play the kids keyboard, you learn and enjoy together.

Another variant of a kids keyboard is that it is also battery-operated. Just check the settings and manual in the box. It might not be 3 x AA battery-operated like some variants of the mat version. Adult supervision is recommended as this toy is not put in the mouth. It’s purely for the hands. And this might be one of the first toys that your kid will play with, not only for the sake of playing, but for the sake of learning music.

Progress in your kids’ earliest version of music education starts once he or she can play “Baa Baa Black Sheep” or “Mary Had A Little Lamb” by themselves. It is an achievement best seen after giving them a kids keyboard.