Best Kids Keyboards For 7 To 10 Year Olds!


As a parent, getting your child to love music can be a simple and sometimes challenging task. It all depends on how early you attempt this. Attempting and actually getting your child interested in music is one of the best things you can do for his or her development.

The ages between 7 and 10 present a critical child development stage and music can play an important role in this development. It is within this age bracket that amazing and exciting abilities can take place! Here are some nice recommendations for getting “Kids Keyboards For 7 To 10 Year Olds.”



 Best Kids Keyboards For 7 To 10 Year Olds Comparison Chart!

Best Kids Keyboards For 7 To 10 Year Olds # Of Instruments # Of Rhythms # Of Demo Songs Holds A Child's Interest Entertainment Value Musically Educational Other Perks And Features Click Here To See More!
Plixio 61 Key Electric Music Keyboard Piano with USB & MP3 Input 40 100 60 8 Additional Percussion Sounds. Transpose Capability.
Alesis Melody 61 Beginner Bundle | 61-Key Portable Keyboard with Stand, Bench, Headphones, and Microphone 200 128 10 3 Learning Modes.
RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard SuperKit with Stand, Stool, Headphones & Power Supply 100 100 50 30 Free Songs On Ipad App.
Hamzer 61-Key Digital Music Piano Keyboard - Portable Electronic Musical Instrument - with Stand & Microphone 255 255 24 Several Deluxe Effects.
Joy JK-63M With USB 61-Key Keyboard Set Including Headphone,Stand,Stool and Power Supply 255 255 50 MP3 Function.

Benefits Of Kids Keyboards For 7 To 10 Year Olds!

Letting a child play a musical instrument, whether a toy or real, gives them a chance to learn new things in a whole new way. The following are reasons why, as a parent, you should encourage your child to get involved with music.

It boosts the child’s self-confidence and esteem. As the child interacts with the toy keyboard, he/she makes mistakes here and there. In the process, the child gets to know how well to operate the instruments either through an instructor or by themselves. When the correct way is finally learned the child develops a “yes I can do it” attitude.

Learning to play  a kids keyboard for 7 to 10 year olds can  enhances spatial reasoning in children. Generally, listening to music will also improve and promote brain functions.

Music encompasses other different skills that kids get to learn. They also develop life skills that can be applied to other life aspects. Therefore, the main reason you should encourage and support your kid’s interest in  music is not just because you want them to be the next star in the industry. No…learning music comes with other responsibilities such as maintaining discipline.

In our modern lives, teamwork is proving to be a sure way of yielding good results for any task. In most cases, getting a child interested in music also encourages them to develop group responsibilities as well as appreciating its importance. As the kid interacts with other kids to either play a musical instrument or produce a wonderful tune, the child gets to appreciate the need for teamwork in accomplishing tasks.


Hamzer 61 Key Kids Keyboard for 7 to 10 year olds

How Kids Keyboards For 7 To 10 Year Olds Can Affect Hearing, Rhythm, and Memory!

Music activities for children help develop hearing, a sense for rhythm, music memory and musical taste, as well as musicality. Enabling your child to discover the richness and beauty of the world of sounds, teaching them how to sing and play while they are still small can easily trigger their interest into a musical instrument. This is why owning a musical instrument, a kids keyboard for example, can be a turning point in your child’s life.

A Kid’s keyboard is one of the most popular instruments among children. The piano is one of the “universal” instruments, which means that the performer can play it alone without the need for other instruments. Of course, a piano can be played with other instruments as well (chamber music), and can be a background for some other instrument or voice. This is very important, as your child can express his/her own wishes i.e. can play alone, or can enroll into a music school orchestra.

Almost all of the greatest composers (Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, etc.) composed pieces for piano. This can help your kid to become interested in becoming a professional keyboardist or piano player one day. Additionally, we can say that it is never too early to buy your child a kids keyboard. Due to the specifications and character of this instrument, your child will instantly embrace it and start exploring it’s options.

Kids keyboards come in different sizes, with a different number of octaves, which makes it easy for your child to get used to the instrument, especially if the child is small. Small keyboards usually have about 32 keys. A piano has 88 keys, for comparison. On the other hand, kids keyboards have a lot of different rhythms and sounds available, up to several hundred, which will certainly keep your child interested in the instrument.


How A Kids Keyboard For 7 To 10 Year Olds Can Provide A Possible Turning Point!

Additionally, this keyboard feature can be the turning point for your child, as he or she can decide to become a professional keyboardist if the instrument you provided them at the early stages of their development offered interesting, fun and useful options. The rhythm section on the keyboard usually shows the names of the rhythms, in written form or displayed on the electronic display.

This is why getting a kids keyboard is very useful for your child’s general music education. Hearing the rhythm and remembering it’s name at the same time is the easiest way of learning. Similarly, almost all keyboards have music tunes. This is an excellent way to introduce the world of classical music to your child in an interesting way.

Smart kids keyboards have advanced options, such as key lights that accompany practice music tunes. This feature smoothly guides your child through the process of learning how to play a certain piece. The most advanced keyboards have the MIDI and headphones output, which is an option your child will use if he / she shows further interest into the instrument.


young boy playing a kids keyboard for 7 to 10 year olds



How The Ages of 7 to 10 Can Be So Important in A Child’s Development

A child’s personality is mostly developed during this age bracket. This means if they develop an interest towards something, it is possible that it will remain so throughout their lives. Normally, development in this age takes place in four dimensions, namely; intellectual development, physical development, social development and emotional development.

Intellectual/mental development – A child starts learning how to read and understand the concept of time. Reading out loud helps the kid to easily memorize and remember since the practice has a musical pattern in it. At age six, a kid can count up to a hundred and by the time he/she is nine, they are able to multiply, add, and subtract.

Physical development – Driven by the urge to keep moving, children of this age bracket don’t like sitting stationary for a long time. They want to go out and play. They can carry around a full guitar and skillfully move their fingers to produce a combination of amazing sounds from any kid keyboard. This becomes the best age to practice keyboard skills.

Social development – At age 6 and 7, kids have a maximum of one best friend but as they turn 8 and 9, they start appreciating and forming a small group. The group is usually of kids with a common interest such as playing keyboard or playing sportsl. This is an important stage in development as kids get influenced in trying out different stuff. As a parent, this would be better chance to incline you child towards music by ensuring they interact with kids with similar interests.

Emotional development – As a kid interacts with many people, things and conditions, they are able to determine what makes them happy or sad.

From toddlers trying to repeat songs and in the process learning the use of words and memorization skills to school-age children being intrigued by the singalong songs that help them learn how to count and spell, it is evidently clear music plays an important role in their mental development.


greenpro musical kids keyboard for 7 to 10 year olds


How A Kids Keyboard For 7 To 10 Year Olds Can Be Fun As Well As Musically Educational!

Playing a  kids’ keyboard can make children creative. A child will most often establish his or her favorite tone. He or she can then create a tune that matches the tone and in the process, the kids’ creativity skills are enhanced.

A Kid’s keyboard can improve the level of coordination in children. As they try to coordinate their eyes with their hands, they develop motor skills as each hand works independently.

Taking keyboard lessons and practicing can improve a child’s brain power. Numerous studies have shown that some kids who play musical instruments score higher on spatial and standard tests. If you are stuck between getting your child a kids keyboard or not, the above reasons are enough to make that important step. Keep your kid’s interest in music high and alive!