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Kids are known to adore toys. Toys form part of their life while they are growing up by keeping them entertained and sparking their imaginations and delighting their senses. Apart from being a source of fun and enjoyment, toys have been scientifically proven to play a great role in children’s cognitive development.

Children can learn a lot while engaging with toys, for example, they learn to interpret the world around them in aspects such as color, sounds, and shapes.They also assist the child in discovering their senses, likes, and dislikes. Musical toys like a Child’s Keyboard And Stool can also enable the parents to understand their kids more, for instance, their talents.


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The Appeal Of A Child’s Keyboard And Stool!

Of all the toys, kids have shown more affinity toward toys that can rattle and make music. These kinds of toys are known to make the children more interested compared to other toys.This finding has resulted in many guardians considering purchasing their young ones musical toys. Such as keyboards, pianos, drumsets, and guitars among other musical instruments. This thread will focus more on the benefits of having a toy keyboard and a stool for your kid.

A toy piano also referred to as the Kinderklavier or generally a child’s keyboard, is a tiny musical instrument that resembles the real piano used by music composers; the biggest difference is that it is specifically designed for children.They usually come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, thus kids can have a large pool fom which to make their choices. In some cases, parents can also have the pianos customized according to the specifications of their choice.

As aforementioned, toys come with a lot of learning opportunities for the toddlers.They have been specifically linked with triggering the children’s imagination capabilities whereby, if a child, for instance, is riding a car toy, he or she does not view it as a toy in his mind but a real car. A toy piano or keyboard is no exception, it will simulate realistic feelings making the child feel like a professional playing the real thing for real a music audience.
Cotszon Blue products Musical child's keyboard and stool

Boosting A Kid’s Imagination With A Child’s Keyboard And Stool!

Purchasing a child’s keyboard and stool for your young one whose future seems highly likely to be in the music career, remains the best choice. The fact that it is designed to resemble a real piano with a fine finishing kidlike touch makes it a superb gift that will make the child feel like he is playing the real instrument.

Children are also captivated by the fact that their toy can perfectly make and mimic music tunes similar to what they view on TV or hear on the radio. This boosts their imagination further causing them to clearly view themselves as real-life musicians. Some children will even go further and name themselves after their favorite music stars.

Apart from bringing the child from the imaginary world to the real world, a toy piano and stool also has a lot of other advantages that bring out the notion of professionalism to a child’s mind. These include;


Fostering Confidence:
A child’s confidence is priceless. Initially, all children tend to play random keys that have no grasp, however, after some time this changes and the child begins to play the actual notes. This transformation supplemented with the guardian’s encouragement increases the child’s confidence. He or she will tend to enjoy it more and do it even more often.
Sharpens the Brain:
Music has been known to relax the brain, in children, it has also been associated with enhancing the cognitive development. Learning to play the keys and different notes also can improve the child’s ability to grasp Information at a higher rate, thus improving vital skills such as multitasking, organization, and comprehension.
Instills Discipline:
Unlike other toys such as cars which generally don’t have specifics of how and where to use them, a piano toy can be kept only in a certain place in the room. On how to use it, the child has to follow specific guidelines such as only pressing certain keys to play certain notes. In the process of learning this, the child ends up developing other traits such as following rules which also tend to reflect in his real life.
Talents Need Openings:
Talents need openings to develop. Parents and guardians, are normally advised to encourage their children in whatever they show interest in when young. Parents should also ensure that their children have a wide variety of toys, those that are generally for fun and those that offer more learning opportunities to the child. A keyboard and stool, in this case, is a perfect example of a toy that can give the child the opportunity of fun and learning through linking his imaginations to reality.
Winfun Rock star - child's keyboard and stool

Benefits Of A Child’s Keyboard And Stool!

The benefits of music to every single child cannot be underestimated. There are many fully documented benefits of music to child development. Giving your child the gift of music is, therefore, the most remarkable of them all. The most common form that such a gift may come in is kids keyboard playing. A kids Keyboard is basically a smaller piano that is meant to entertain kids but most importantly prepare them for future piano lessons.

There are very many kids’ keyboards all of which are meant for different ages of children starting right from 18 months old infants all the way to 8 years. After the 8th year, it is usually advisable to get your child a full sized piano or even a digital keyboard. The choice of the keyboard that you get your child will therefore mainly depend on their age bracket.


Keyboards For Children Below 3 Years And Their Benefits:

If you have a child between the age of 18 months and 3 years, a suitable kids keyboard will be the five-keys type of keyboard with colorful buttons and lights. The main function of this keyboard is to capture a child’s attention and keep him or her busy while pressing the different buttons.  Usually the primary colors as well as other flowery colors are the ones that often attract young children.
They are made of plastic and are usually light and portable making them easier to carry around and less susceptible to damage. Some good examples of such keyboards include the leap frog play, Baby Einstein Count and Compose Pianos among others.


Keyboards For Children Above 3 Years And Their Benefits:

The next category of kids keyboards is  for children between the age of 3 and 8 years. Unlike the infant keyboard counterparts with only five keys, these keyboards often have up to 25 keys and in some cases actually, resemble a full-sized keyboard or piano. These keyboards help children to develop an interest in music at a very young age making it easier to define a music career path early in their lives.

Many music stars including the legendary Lionel Richie and John Legend learned to play the Piano at very young ages enabling them to define very successful music career paths which have completely refined the rest of their lives. Thanks to piano lessons we know John Legend as we know him today.

Even though he is a singer and songwriter, his piano playing skills helped to build on his passion and prowess in music. Since most of the kids’ Keyboards in this category usually resemble a full sized keyboard or piano in both design and sounds, it is very useful tool for preparing children for piano lessons.

Jammin Musical - child's Keyboard and Stool


How A Child’s Keyboard Helps Develop Passion For Music:

Children who are already conversant with the design of the keys and sounds on the keyboard find it very easier to learn how to play the piano as compared to children who have no prior experience with keyboards. It is human nature to like things that we find easier to do than those that we find difficult to accomplish.

It, therefore means these children with previous experience will find it easier to learn the piano and are therefore more likely to aspire to become professional keyboardists in the future as compared to those with no such experience. 

Other Benefits Of Keyboards On Child Development:

Apart from improving and cultivating a child’s interests in music, keyboards also play a very important role in the child’s growth and development. As mentioned earlier, learning music improves the child’s mental development, enhancing their cognitive skills and intelligence in general. Since playing the keyboard also requires the internalization of sounds produced by each key, it therefore boosts the child’s memorization power; a very crucial skill that children in this age bracket will find quite beneficial.