Guitar For Toddlers With Strings Reviews!


Many young children enjoy listening to music and pretending to play along. Parents often supply them with toy instruments, thinking that this is a good way to help them develop an interest. Toddlers are often considered too young to be taken seriously. You may not know your child’s potential if you do not give them a proper challenge. Young children are hard wired to learn at an accelerated rate. A proper stringed instrument, supplied from the very beginning, can assist your toddler in learning to play properly!


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Why It Is Important To Start Your Toddler Off With A Guitar With Actual Playable Strings Instead Of A Toy Guitar?


Children learn habits much faster than adults. When you provide a toy guitar for a toddler, they pick up habits of manipulating it almost immediately. This can make learning on a real guitar harder. Stubborn children may refuse to change the way they use their hands or hold the instrument because they were able to do whatever they wanted with the “toy.” If you are serious about having your child learn to play guitar, it is best to start out with one that is as close to “real” immediately.

The brains of toddlers act like sponges. They absorb everything around them, making new habits easy to form. From infancy to earlier childhood, the brain is busy making many connections that allow them to learn language and about the world around them. This is the perfect time to introduce things like instruments and new languages. Learning to play a guitar at this stage is actually easier than it is later in life. If your child shows an interest in the guitar, you are doing them a huge favor by allowing them to start early. They are more likely to excel at the skill.


ariana playing a guitar for toddler with strings


What To Look For When Getting Your Toddler A Guitar With Strings!


(Always look for reviews from previous purhasers of any particular instrument. It helps to have unbiased opinions. This will be very beneficial when it comes to choosing a guitar.)




There are several stringed instruments that young musicians may be interested in. When it comes to guitars, however, there are two main types to choose from. The first decision you need to make is weather you would like your child to begin with an electric or acoustic version. Older children may have a specific interest in one or the other. A toddler, however, may take easily to either one. This is basically a preference based decision.

The style of music that you plan to have them learn also can help you to make this decision. If you have a household that routinely plays hard rock and roll, an electric guitar may make an early appearance. Be aware that these may bring a higher financial investment, as you must also purchase an amp.

There are, however, many reasons to begin with an acoustic guitar for toddlers. Toddlers are still learning basic motor skills and tend to get into mischief. In some cases, if the toddler is extremely rowdy, it may be best that they do not have to depend on an instrument that has to be plugged in. Cords and electricity are dangerous for toddlers. This means that close supervision is necessary at all times with electric guitars.

An acoustic guitar is a much safer choice for children of such a young age. Acoustic guitars tend to be much more affordable, as well. This is a nice perk when you are not sure how long your child plans to continue playing.

An acoustic guitar is also a much better way to teach the basics. Acoustic instruments are more classical than the electric versions and give a much better foundation. Those that play electric guitar later on have better technical skills when they start out on an acoustic version. Early lessons involve finger placement and music reading. Basic is much better for these early skills. Blisters and cramping can occur more readily on an acoustic until kids get used to playing. Parents should watch children closely for signs of discomfort with any instrument, and offer breaks in practice times.

For those set on an electric guitar, there are some benefits of these for young players. The strings are not as far from the fingerboard, making them easier for small hands to manipulate. The proper name for this placement is called the “action”. Lower action on electric guitars means that less strength is needed to produce the sound. It takes time to build the strength to properly play the guitar. Starting out young, however, makes this much easier on either type of instrument.


toddler plaing a green and blue guitar with strings




It is obvious that a small child may have a difficult time holding an adult size guitar. This is often the main reason that parents supply them with toy versions. Toddlers should start with one that is actually playable…one that creates real notes. It is not recommended to buy one that that is too big. Depending on the size of the child, a 30 inch may not be necessary until age 5.


An Early Introduction To Guitar Playing:


An early introduction to guitar playing sets them up to have a skill to fall back on later in life. Teenagers that know how to play an instrument have the opportunity to join groups at school, or teach younger children to earn their own money. Children that grow up learning musical instruments also excel in other school subjects. Music has an effect on how the brain works, making musicians more able to understand complex subjects like advanced math.

Children that begin playing the guitar at an early age learn the “motions” like they learn to walk. It is a lot of muscle memory and can become second nature. The musical way of thought integrates into their brain structure. This makes their playing sound much more natural than some that learn later on. A lot of this learning is subconscious. They learn to listen to music and make the connections between what they hear and how to replicate it on their guitar. Toddlers that are exposed to the guitar are set up to excel in many ways.

Many skills in life are more easily learned at a young age. Parents should be encouraged to expose their toddlers to many different things. The guitar is a great way to begin a lifelong love of music. The habits they build at these early ages are likely to remain throughout their lifetime!