Best Electronic Drum Set Under $500!


Apart from being enjoyable to play, electronic drum sets also offer the best way to practice, learn, and improve yourself without making all the noise associated with other drums. You just need to put on your headphones and you are good to go.

An electronic drum kit is not just an acoustic set turned quiet but rather an instrument that you can use to unleash your creativity. It’s a special kind of synthesizer or contemporary musical device whose aim is to work as an alternative to an instrument such as an acoustic drum. Here are our recommendations of the “Best Electronic Drum Set Under $500!

          Best Electronic Drum Sets Under $500!

Best Electronic Drum Sets Under $500! Sturdiness & Durability Quality Of Sounds # Of Voices Realistic Feel # Of Kits Ease Of Assembly Value For The Money Other Features And Perks Click Here To See More!
Roland TD-1K Electronic Drum Set w/ 3 Pairs of Sticks, Audio Cable & Polishing Cloth N/A 15 Total Kits Onboard Coaching Function.
Yamaha DTX400K Compact Electronic Drum Set with Free Apps 297 10 Total Kits 10 Built In Lessons
BEHRINGER XD8USB 123 10 Preset Kits / 5 User Progammable Kits 8 Piece Kit. All Sounds Are velocity Sensitive.
Alesis DM6 USB Kit | Eight-Piece Compact Beginner Electronic Drum Set with 8" Snare, 8" Toms, & 12" Cymbals 108 10 Preset Kits / 5 User Programmable 8 Piece Kit. Very Popular.
Carlsbro CSD120 Electronic Drum set with Silent Kick Pedal 250 20 Preset Kits / 10 User Programmable Kits 20 On Board Songs. 8 Piece Kit.

What To Look For When Getting The Best Electronic Drum Set Under $500!

Choking Cymbals – Some electronic drum sets come with cymbals that you can choke. This means that once you strike them, you can hold them in your hand and the sound will automatically stop. Since some affordable models don’t come with this option, it’s very important to carefully check the details if this is something that you want.

Midi – If you want to use it to record drums or as a midi controller then you require one that can send out midi signals.

Zones – In order to trigger a variety of sounds, you need drum pads with multiple zones. For instance, a snare pad having multiple zones will allow you to play normal snare sounds and select rim short sounds. The higher the number of zones, the larger the sound pallet that you can use in a custom kit or a single preset kit.

Practice Tools – These are some of the most important tools that will greatly help you if you want to make progress. They include a metronome, a recording function, and pig for a smartphone. With a metronome, you can always practice any time. More so, a recording function will help you record what you are practicing. It’s, therefore, vital to be able to record what you are working on so that you can listen to it later on.

Complete Gear That You Need – Some electronic drum sets don’t come with the complete essentials of what you need. It’s therefore very important to leave room in your budget for;

· Drumsticks – While these come in different weights, the most popular one is the 5A.
· Amplifier or Headphones – Most electronic drum sets do not produce sounds on their own, henceit’s    very important to plug your   drums sound module into an amplifier or headphones.
· Drum Throne – Drum throne basically refers to drummer stools.


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How To Clean, Take Care of and Properly Store Your Electronic Drum Set!

Taking care of your electronic drum set doesn’t have to be hard. Just like other important things, you just need to employ a little bit of appreciation and understanding of the value of maintaining your drum set so that it can function properly. By doing this, you’ll truly enjoy the benefits of playing an electronic drum set.

You need to clean your electronic drum set regularly. One of the best ways of prolonging the life of your drum set and maintaining it’s integrity is to clean it well. However, in order to do this, you must be very methodical in your approach. Since particulates and dirt can easily build up inside, cleaning the shell is very important. Make sure you clean it with a soft cotton fabric material. By using any other material, you may scratch the surface and leave behind some ugly marks.

This is also true with the drum head. You need to use a soft cotton cloth to clean it well. However, if you have dirt or marks that are stubborn, damp the cotton cloth in water and use it to clean. If it’s made of clear plastic then you should avoid spraying a cleaner or water directly to it. When it comes to cleaning the cymbals, you just need to wipe off any marks or dirt. Make sure you avoid using any cleaner that contains harsh materials.

Buy The Correct Drum Kit Equipment. Although ordinary water can be used, sometimes you need special products that have ingredients meant specifically for drums. These waxes, cleaners, and polishers can greatly help clean and protect your drum set. These products also come with the right tools that you can use for cleaning.

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Replace The Drum Heads: It’s obvious that after some time your drum sets quality will reach a point where they cannot be able to produce the kind of sound that you want. This means every beat will just lead to irritating ears. During such time you need to do away with them and replace them with new ones. Thankfully, you can easily do this yourself. But if you don’t like the idea of doing it yourself, you may seek the help of professionals.

What’s the need for maintaining and cleaning your drum kit if you are not able to store it well? Storing your drum set in hard cases can significantly increase their lifespan. This is very important especially when you are going on a trip. Although drum bags can work just well. they will not provide the kind of protection that drums need. You also need to avoid leaving your cymbals standing upright. When cymbals are left standing upright they can add a lot of gravitational force at the bottom and eventually cause a warpage.

Once you know what you are looking for, choosing an affordable electronic drum set should not be difficult. Thankfully if you consider these factors and select the best one, you’ll greatly improve your recording, stage performance, and even open up more avenues for your creativity. However, you should not forget about their cleaning, maintenance, and storage. This is very important if you want to prolong the life of your electronic drum set.