Best Small Drum Kits For Adults!


There is no greater appeal than that of a huge drum set. Most drummers will identify with this. Some of the time, however, you do not have the time and effort to assemble, break down and carry this set to recording studios, gigs, or even to practice. And this is where the “Small Drum Kits For Adults” come in. These amazing inventions come with a ton of advantages and still provide similar results as the large sets. Your work may be lessened by a hundred fold yet still be worthwhile!


                     Best Small Drum Kits For Adults!

Best Small Drum Kits For Adults! Drum Quality Cymbal Quality Sturdiness & Durability Good Sounding Kit Good For Beginners Ease Of Assembly Value For The Money Other Perks And Features Click Here To See More!
Pearl RS584CC91 Roadshow 4-Piece Drum Set, Wine Red Popular And Respected "Pearl" Brand. Great Sound.
Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Adult 5 Piece Drum Set with Cymbals Stands Stool and Sticks, Black Complete Set. Drum Key. Great Track Record.
LAGRIMA Black 22'' 5 Piece Complete Adult Drum Set Cymbals Full Size Kit with Stool & Sticks Real Wood Shells. Drum Key. Complete Set.
Mendini by Cecilio Complete Full Size 5-Piece Adult Drum Set with Cymbals, Pedal, Throne, and Drumsticks, Metallic Blue, MDS80-BL 5 Piece Complete Set.
Ludwig Accent Drive 5-Pc Drum Set, Red Foil - Includes: Hardware, Throne, Pedal, Cymbals, Sticks & Drumheads 5 Piece Set.

Advantages Of Small Drum Kits For Adults!

The most appreciated advantage of small drum kits for adults is the ease of transportation. If you are required to transport your kit to so many locations, it is literally tiring to think about the complications of transporting large equipment. Your small drum kit will require minimum space in your vehicle and less energy to carry from it’s place of use to the vehicle and vice versa. Less stress and worry offered to you on a silver platter.

While large drumming kits have many parts, with several drums and cymbals to attach together, a small drum kit obviously has less of these. You can learn it’s workings in a short amount of time and lessen the time taken to assemble and dissemble it.

You never know what you might walk into when called for a gig, especially when it comes to the stage or the space allocated for you. A small drum kit will put you at an advantage in case of minimal spacing. It is also very easy to mic up as it’s compact size reduces the number of mics required.

Small definitely equals less joints, ensuring sturdiness. Small drum kits can be more stable making them extremely easy to use without frequent breaks to tighten or readjust parts that move out of place.

Small drum kits for adults are generally pocket friendly. Their size makes them way cheaper than large drum sets yet provide the basic needs. They are also cheap to maintain and repair in case of wear. So if you are in need of a drum kit and are on a tight budget. This is an easy solution.

Because of their small size, these kits have less surface, that is, the drums may be reduced in number or made smaller. The drums and cymbals with different sound effects may be combined to increase compactness. This encourages creativity and develops new skills in you as you learn how to use these kits to produce specific sounds.

Lastly but not least, your sound crew will love you for making their work easier. Small drums ensure there’s less time used in sound checking, less mics are used and less mixing of sound from different drums is required to produce great sound combinations.


small drum kits for adults - diagram

What To Look For When Getting Good Small Drum Kits For Adults!

Let us delve into the entire drum kit, individual toms, bass and snare drums, and all the accessories that compliment them. Here are some of the major features you should look for:

1. Your Style of Music

What is your drumming style? What type of music do you drum to? These are very important as most drum sets are manufactured to play specific types of music. Most small drum kits are mainly used for acoustic forms of music like jazz and traditional blues. You can also find others made for louder music types. Get a kit that will fulfill your drumming needs.

2. Hardware Required

Drum hardware includes the snare stand, hi-hat stand and cymbal stand in different numbers and sizes depending on how your drum is designed. Most small drum sets have less of these and unless you are buying a shell pack, they come along with the kit. Ensure that your hardware is of high quality with well-constructed and finished joints.

3. Construction Design and Wood Used

The type of wood is key in construction of drums due to their sound effects, durability and final appearance of the set. Drums constructed with more plies have a brighter sound with higher notes while drums with less plies have flatter and warmer sound, with low notes. In choosing finishes, covered ones are advisable as they are durable and resistant to damage. However transparent finishes provide a more beautiful and natural look. It should also be constructed in a way that makes it easy to assemble and tear down. You should be keen when checking all these.

4. Your Drumming Skills

Skill is a major requirement when using small drum kits as I mentioned before. Test yourself and know what is manageable and what is out of your league. Small sets tend to feel different and so one design might favor you and another may be difficult to use. Compare your skills to different drums and get one that suits you.

5. Drumming Brushes and Sticks

Stick size is also considered for producing a different sound. Small sets mostly require lighter sticks like the 7As. However, if your kit is majorly for gigs where loud and more aggressive sounds are required, you should get the heavier sticks, example the 2Bs. Brushes are used for playing quieter tunes and other acoustic music versions. They also come in different sizes for different sounds.

6. Accessories and Maintenance Tools

Equipment required for adjusting, repairing, maintaining and even transporting your drum set must be of high quality and easy to use. When purchasing your drums, ensure all these are available in correct quantities and sizes. Most importantly, ensure your drum kit comes with a detailed instruction manual that makes use, repair and maintenance easy.

Kit choice is a completely personal decision and your style and preferences are determinants, especially with these small drum kits. With the many advantages and wide variety of options, small drum kits for adults are a great investment for all drummers.