Junior Electronic Drum Kit Reviews!


As children grow up, they go through phases when they desire something so obsessively that as a parent you have to buy it for them. It may be the newest computer game their friends are talking about, a new skateboard, or a fashionable gadget their friends have. To restore peace to the household, you may have to buy these new gadgets for them.

One thing many children desire as they grow up is a drum kit. Maybe they have been truly inspired to pursue music, or maybe they simply like the idea of becoming a cool drummer…but there are two main kinds of drums; electronic drums and acoustic drums. If your child wants to have an electronic drum kit, a “Junior Electronic Drum Kit” is a great choice!

                   Best Junior Electronic Drum Kits!

Best Junior Electronic Drum Kits Sturdiness & Durability Quality Of Sounds # Of Voices Realistic Feel # Of Kits Ease Of Assembly Value For The Money Other Features And Perks Click Here To See More!
Carlsbro CSD120 Electronic Drum set with Silent Kick Pedal 250 20 Preset Kits / 10 User Programmable Kits 20 On Board Songs. 8 Piece Kit.
Alesis DM6 USB Kit | Eight-Piece Compact Beginner Electronic Drum Set with 8" Snare, 8" Toms, & 12" Cymbals 108 10 Preset Kits / 5 User Programmable 8 Piece Kit. Very Popular.
BEHRINGER XD8USB 123 10 Preset Kits / 5 User Progammable Kits 8 Piece Kit. All Sounds Are velocity Sensitive.
Yamaha DTX400K Compact Electronic Drum Set with Free Apps 297 10 Total Kits 10 Built In Lessons
Roland TD-1K Electronic Drum Set w/ 3 Pairs of Sticks, Audio Cable & Polishing Cloth N/A 15 Total Kits Onboard Coaching Function.

To begin with, acoustic drums are the types that we are more familiar with. They have wooden or metal shells and a membrane on top of the shell that is hit with the drumstick to produce sound. On the other hand, electronic drums are just pads that have a drumhead made of rubber, mesh, or plastic. The pad is connected to a small electronic gadget that produces the sound. It is referred to as a sound module. The sound that an electronic drum produces can be passed to an amplifier or listened to via a headset.


The Benefits of Getting A Junior Electronic Drum Kit Instead Of An Acoustic Drum Kit!

Since technology is advancing exponentially, it is now possible to have electronic drum kits that sound like acoustic drum kits. Electronic drums are more popular among the beginners because they have enhanced features that assist them to learn faster. Here are the advantages of an electronic drum kit over an acoustic drum kit:


sampler for a junior electronic drum kit


Pre-Recorded Samples:

Electronic drums have pre-recorded samples that the player can listen to and try to learn from. There are also a wide range of sounds possible on one drum set if you adjust the settings. This is not possible with an acoustic drum set. It enables your kid to practice many different sounds and learn faster. Since the sound can be enhanced, you can turn a simple track into something that sounds epic. Your kid will have fun learning a thing or two about music. It will be a great source of satisfaction to know that you were the catalyst to your child’s music career if they choose to pursue it.

They Are Quiet:

When your child asks you to buy drums, you instantly think of the noise and discomfort you will subject your neighbors to, not to mention the chaos in your own home. This is true if you are thinking of acoustic drums. When playing with an acoustic drum, it is extremely difficult to control the level of noise. You may have to come to an agreement with your neighbors on when it is appropriate to play the drums and when it is prohibited.

That is not the case with electronic drums. They have cymbal pads that are quieter than their acoustic alternatives. They also have a volume control knob so that your kid can practice without being too loud. If you want to cancel out the sound completely you can connect headphones to the electronic drum kit so that your child can practice as early in the morning or late at night as they please. Just ensure that they get some sleep.

folded up junior electronic drum kit


Compact And Portable:

Electronic drums take up less space than acoustic drums. They are generally smaller kits. The junior electronic drum kit can be collapsed into easy-to-carry parts. This can allow children to assemble the kit when they want to play and disassemble it when they are finished. They can practice in their bedrooms without consuming a lot of space. When it is disassembled, the kit can be carried easily in just a few compartments

Easier To Use:

Electronic drums are easy to play. There are learning tools that enable the child to sharpen their percussion skills. There are built-in patterns that boost learning speed by making it easier to remember the tones and improve coordination. There is an input port where they can connect devices such as iPhones and computers and learn to play to the sound of their favorite tunes.


What To Look For When Getting a Good Junior Electronic Drum Kit!

Even if you are buying a junior electronic drum kit, you need to find one that sounds like the acoustic version. Although you want your child to experience something similar to the acoustic drum, you need to find one that is not needlessly complicated. Here are things you should factor in when buying an electronic drum kit:

Your Budget:

It helps to find a kit that is within your price range. When your child expresses interest, buy an affordable drum kit. You should be cautious when you buy a drum kit because kids can lose interest in things sometimes. If you invest heavily, it may hurt to see your young one lose interest.

Headphone Jack:

Percussion instruments are generally rowdy. Ensure that the kit you buy has a headphone jack. When the headphones are plugged in, the child can practice silently. They can practice whenever they want without distracting the whole neighborhood.

The Accessories:

Not every kit comes with all the accessories that are needed to start playing immediately. There are some important items that are usually left out of the kit. Check whether the kit has a drum throne, a hi-hat stand, a kick pedal, and sticks.

The Manufacturer’s Reputation:

Before you buy a kit, find out whether the manufacturer produces quality kits. Sometimes the kits are fragile because the maker wanted to lower the cost of production. Be particularly careful with the cheap brands.

When you buy a junior electronic drum kit, ensure that it is of good quality. Electronic drums are ideal for children because they are easy to learn and they are quieter. As the child cultivates an interest in the drums, you can enroll them for some basic drumming lessons with an experienced drummer. As they advance musically, you can buy them more sophisticated drum kits.