Best Drum Set Under $1000


Drummers are as selective as any other musician when it comes to choosing their kit. And, as with all musical instruments, making the right choice is imperative if you want to get the sound right. That means shopping around. Making sure you’ve compared all the options before parting with your hard earned cash. If you choose wisely, you could have “The Best Drum Set Under $1000” for years, so it’s worth taking time to consider which make and model you are going to invest in.

                     Best Drum Sets Under $1000!

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Pearl EXX725S/C 5-Piece Export New Fusion Drum Set with Hardware - Jet Black Must Upgrade To Get Cymbals. Asian Mahogany Shells. Double Braced Stands.
Pearl Roadshow RS525WFC/C706 5-Piece Drum Set, Charcoal Metallic 9-Ply Poplar Shells. Complete Set.
ddrum REFLEX WHT WHT 22 5 PC Drum Set, White No Cymbals. Alder Wood.
Premier Spirit of Maiden 5-Piece Drum Set, Gray No Cymbals. Great Sound.
Tama IP52KCMNB Imperialstar 5-Piece Complete Drum Kit with 22" Bass Drum & Hardware, Cymbals - Midnight Blue Complete Kit. Poplar Shells.

How To Determine “Quality” In The Best Drum Set Under $1000!

The first thing to assess is quality. You want the right sound, otherwise you’ll never be happy with the music that you’re making. And the old adage about “you get what you pay for”, is usually correct. Low cost drum kits often don’t sound right, even to the untrained ear. Whereas the best high quality drum sets sound good to anyone and everyone!

The quality of the wood that is used to build a drum set makes a massive difference to the sound quality. Cheaper wood, with thin ply laminates, just don’t produce the right sound, there isn’t the same depth and resonance. The better quality drum sets usually use harder woods like oak, birch, maple, lauan, mahogany and poplar. This attention to detail – and associated price – makes a huge difference in the quality. The harder woods have a wider tuning range too, which makes for a better quality of sound, too.

And from a practical point of view, accomplished drummers both professional and amateur agree that the hardware used to hold the kit together plays a massive part in the quality of the best drum sets. Apparently the cheaper drums kits usually don’t have the same quality of fasteners, mounting hardware, loops and lugs, stands and pedals . This doesn’t matter to the same extent if the kit stays in the same place all the time, but if you need to move your kit around from gig to gig, it needs to be able to take a bit of rough handling in transit.

Drum Materials

The bearing edge is critical in a high quality drum set, too. They are cut at an angle that is very precise in order to get the right sound. This attention to detail is less likely on a cheaper lower end drum set, so the sound quality will also be affected. And how well they are tuned, is also key. Sometimes a good kit sounds awful if it is out of tune, or poorly maintained. This is less likely to be the case when buying new, but if you are buying second hand, then ensuring that the kit has been tuned and has been well maintained is important when assessing if it is going to be the best for your needs.

But you don’t have to buy the kit as a whole. It is possible to create your own set by buying the components individually. For example, a good set of cymbals is considered vital if you want to create a good sound and yet it’s the piece of kit that most often gets skimped on to save money, apparently. They are also portable in that if you replace the drum at any time, you can keep the cymbals. The same applies to the snare drum and the hardware.

So, the main things to look out for when searching for the best high quality drum set are how well made they are; what materials they are built from; how they sound; and, if they are second hand, how well tuned and maintained they are.


tama - best drum set under $1000


What Sound Are You Trying To Create?

What you want to use them for is also a major consideration. The sound you want to create is important when choosing the best kit for your style of music. Whether you play jazz, rock n’ roll; blues; heavy metal; or country and western, matters.

And, you have different configurations to think about too. Is the standard set up best for you, or would a fusion set work better? Fusion sets usually have a 22” drum, with 10” and a 12” mounted toms, plus a 14” standing tom, which produce a punchier tone. On the other hand the standard set also has a 22” drum but the mounted toms tend to be 12” and 13”, with a 14” standing tom, tends to produce a louder, bigger sound. And then there’s the double bass drum configuration, which jazz musicians preferred and then rock musicians adopted.

Like most of the selection process when assessing the best drum set under $1000 for your needs, it is a subjective process. The type of sound you are looking for can be matched to the type of wood the kit is made from. Maple, for example, produces a warm and balanced tone. Birch produces a clear bright sound with good high and low resonance, with reduced tones in the mid range. Mahogany is considered to provide a warm, well developed note, while oak sounds similar to maple but tends to be more expensive.

And the lamination of the wood also plays a part in the sound of the kit. The fewer plies, the warmer and lower the sound. Good quality drum heads also matter and consideration should be given to whether you choose the coated variety – favored by jazz drummers – or whether they are double or single ply, as this also affects the tone and the quality of sound produced.

And finally, choosing relevant quality sticks and/or brushes is the final choice to make. Heavier sticks are for rock musicians, and lighter sticks are best for jazz drummers, and they come in a range of weights and sizes in between. In judging the best high quality drum set for your needs, budget, style of music you play, quality of design and manufacture of all the components, are all important. But the final decision lies with the drummer. What he feels most comfortable with in terms of sound and feel of the kit.

But the best drum set under $1000 means nothing unless the drummer knows how to use those sticks! If you’ve got rhythm in your soul and you can rattle out a beat on a counter top, a metal pipe, a cardboard box, or a wooden bench, and it can make the hairs on people’s arms stand up, you might be on the path to your calling. The best quality drum set in the world is worthless unless the person wielding the sticks knows how to use them!