Best Electronic Drum Set For the Money!


Finding the most efficient and practical way to play and practice your drums can open up an entire new direction. It is much easier to do with the “Best Electronic Drum Set For The Money.” If you think that this is just an acoustic kit turned quiet in order not to freak your neighbors out, you are on the wrong planet.

An electronic alternative of the drums can unleash your creativity. So, what do you choose? Yamaha or Roland, or some other brand? How do you take care of your electronic drum set? These, among many more, shall be the focus of this article.

       Best Electronic Drum Sets For The Money!

Best Electronic Drum Sets For The Money! Sturdiness & Durability Quality Of Sounds # Of Voices Realistic Feel # Of Kits Ease Of Assembly Value For The Money Other Features & Perks Click Here To See More!
BEHRINGER XD8USB 123 10 Preset Kits / 5 User Progammable Kits 8 Piece Kit. All Sounds Are velocity Sensitive.
Alesis DM6 USB Kit | Eight-Piece Compact Beginner Electronic Drum Set with 8" Snare, 8" Toms, & 12" Cymbals 108 10 Preset Kits / 5 User Programmable 8 Piece Kit. Very Popular.
Carlsbro CSD120 Electronic Drum set with Silent Kick Pedal 250 20 Preset Kits / 10 User Programmable Kits 20 On Board Songs. 8 Piece Kit.
Roland TD-1K Electronic Drum Set w/ 3 Pairs of Sticks, Audio Cable & Polishing Cloth N/A 15 Total Kits Onboard Coaching Function.
Yamaha DTX400K Compact Electronic Drum Set with Free Apps 297 10 Total Kits 10 Built In Lessons

Qualities To Look For When Getting The Best Electronic Drum Set For The Money!

Kits and Pads: The purpose of an electronic drum kit is to emulate a full-sized drum set. In some cases, “pads” are used to provide the sound you need. They are best suited for the musicians who travel a lot. Pads are also good for electronic music because they provide a high level of versatility. In other cases, electronic drum sets are equipped with “kits.” This variant is good for musicians who have one or two primary performances and give preference to a more traditional sound and feel of the drum playing. Depending on your needs, you can choose an electronic drum kit that operates using PADS or KITS.

Durability: This aspect is more relevant to kits. A majority of them are made sturdily enough. Nevertheless, it can be hard for them to live through the beatings of professional acoustic drummers. When talking to the vendor of the set you are interested in, ask if it is “designed and arranged” naturally. In this way, it will be easier for a drummer who is accustomed to traditional sets to adapt to the electronic variant. If the vendor says “yes”, it is probably a good choice. Pads need to be checked for durability too.

Versatility: It is a big advantage of electronic drum sets that they can produce a “wide variety” of sounds. This is why you need to find a kit or pad that makes it possible to enjoy this aspect to the fullest. Low-priced drum sets produce only one set of let’s say “percussive” voices. It’s not enough. Look for a kit which offers lots of percussive voices and is equipped with built-in drum kit arrangements. In this way, you will be able to create various beats full of interesting sounds.

Inputs and Outputs: The number of inputs and outputs is a serious aspect to consider when choosing an electronic drum set. When buying such a unit, you should check whether it provides enough outputs for your pads or triggers. In fact, you will need at least ten inputs for kicks, snares as well as cymbals, toms and hi-hats. The number of outputs matters as well. The more, the better, but count how much you need in order not to overpay for the outputs which you will not use. Check if you can split the drums and cymbals to different outputs. If so it is a potentially good choice.

Price: Price tag is another aspect to consider. If you are concerned about your budget, then a mid-range kit is what you really need.

How To Maintain The Best Electronic Drum Set For The Money!

alesis - best electronic drum set for the money


Regular Cleaning: Clean your electronic drum set regularly to prolong it’s life. The methodical approach is the best option. Cleaning the shell is vital because dirt can build up inside making the quality of sound lower. Note that a soft cotton fabric is the safest material. Otherwise you can scratch your unit. In case there is dust on your set, using a feather duster can be a good decision. For dirt spots which are quite stubborn, you can use a soft cotton cloth and a small amount of warm water. When it comes to cymbals, a damp cloth is enough to wipe any marks off.

Drum Heads Replacement: After a certain period of time, acoustic qualities of your drum set will come to a point where producing a decent type of sound is impossible. It means that your drum head requires a replacement. In fact, you can do it yourself because it is not that difficult. In addition, you will have a chance to learn more about the interior of your drums. However, if you do not like the idea of knowing every component of your unit, it is better to find a professional. Anyway, replacing your drum head will give a new life to the drum set.

Care Equipment: The correct equipment to maintain your electronic drum set clean is also necessary. Even though a piece of soft material and ordinary water can be enough, special products which contain ingredients developed exclusively for drums will be much better. Among them you can find all types of cleaners, waxes as well as polishers. Not only do they help to keep your drums clean but also extend their lifespan. Typically, such products include the right tools which you can use to get the job done.

Storing Correctly: An extremely important point in maintaining your electronic drum set is storing it properly. If you do it in a correct way, it may also significantly increase the lifespan of your unit. It is especially important, if you are going on tour (or just on a trip) and take your drums with you. Hard cases are your best bet. They provide the highest level of protection. Even though bags may do well, it is not safe enough to use them. In this case, you have no guarantee that your equipment will not get damaged during transportation.

All in all, getting the best electronic drum kit for money is an exciting experience. It will definitely give a new twist to your music. As long as you consider the aspects mentioned and take proper care of your unit, you can be sure that you will not regret your choice!