Beginner Drum Set For Adults Guide!


So you’ve decided to learn to play the drums and it’s time to choose your first set? At first, the number of possibilities that you have might be a bit overwhelming. Should you go with a new or used one? What kind of hardware and shells do you need? Should you select cast or sheet bronze cymbals?

Whatever category you fall into, selecting a beginner drum set as an adult can be a bit confusing. To make it worse, it’s not just the brands that you have to choose, but also the sizes and the materials, along with the finishes and the colors. Here is what to look for when getting a “Beginner Drum Set For Adults!” 

       Best Beginner Drum Sets For Adults!

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Mendini by Cecilio Complete Full Size 5-Piece Adult Drum Set with Cymbals, Pedal, Throne, and Drumsticks, Metallic Blue, MDS80-BL 5 Piece Complete Set.
LAGRIMA Black 22'' 5 Piece Complete Adult Drum Set Cymbals Full Size Kit with Stool & Sticks Real Wood Shells. Drum Key. Complete Set.
Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Adult 5 Piece Drum Set with Cymbals Stands Stool and Sticks, Black Complete Set. Drum Key. Great Track Record. Complete Set. Drum Key. Great Track Record.
Ludwig Accent Drive 5-Pc Drum Set, Red Foil - Includes: Hardware, Throne, Pedal, Cymbals, Sticks & Drumheads 5 Piece Set.
Pearl RS584CC91 Roadshow 4-Piece Drum Set, Wine Red Popular And Respected "Pearl" Brand. Great Sound.

Features To Look For When Getting A Beginner Drum Set For Adults!

Drum Heads:

If you are looking for the best tonal quality then you need to consider drumheads. A good drumhead can make even a beginner drummer sound great. However, it’s important to know that the thicker the head the more focused the sound. On the contrary, the thinner the head the brighter the sound that will be produced. Apart from these, the coating of the drumhead will also play a very important role. A coated head will provide a more controlled and darker sound. Generally, clear heads should be for the toms and coated heads for the snare.

Shell Material Options:

This is also a very important thing to look for when getting a beginner drum set for adults. While birch will produce a punchier and darker sound, maple will give a warm and bright sound. For many years, birch and maple were only found in expensive drum sets. However, companies now make beginner high-quality sets using these woods at very reasonable prices.


Drum Heads For beginner drum set for adults


Drum Size:

As a beginner, the most important question to ask yourself is what kind of drums do you want and how big do you want it to be. If you are planning to become a metal god then you’ll need more than 18 inches and a couple of small toms. Most drum sets normally come as four or five drums with the option of adding others later on. Considering the size is therefore, very important.


This is perhaps one of the most personal parts of the drum. Often each drummer will end up with a different cymbal set up that allows them to express themselves differently. For beginners, cymbals can be broken out into two different categories namely the cast and sheet bronze. While sheet bronze cymbals are created from a sheet of metal rolled out then cut into different shapes, cast bronze cymbals start out as a single metal which is then hammered or beaten into shape to create the final product. As compared to sheet bronze cymbals, cast bronze ends up producing a more complex tone

Drum Hardware:

Drums alone cannot make a drum set. In order to complete the kit, there should be hardware. Unless you are buying a shell pack, a complete drum set will always come with the hardware necessary to install and play it. Here are some of the most important hardware components to look for.

· Bass Drum Pedals – Currently there are a variety of bass drum pedals that you can choose from. From simple to sophisticated, cheap to expensive there are different types of pedals found on the market. By reading customers’ reviews, you will be able to choose the best pedals that match your music and budget.
· Drum Thrones – Most drum sets do not come with a drum throne. However, it’s not always advisable to sit on anything other than a drum throne. A well-designed drum throne can definitely affect posture in playing.
· Snare Stand – This the hardware that the drum will sit on. As long as it’s functioning well and is in good condition then you can choose it.

Is It Still Acceptable To Learn To Play Drums An Adult?


pearl beginner drum set for adults


While many people usually ask about the best age to learn drums, the answer is any age. According to research, playing music is one of the best ways to encourage both mental and physical health and fun way challenge everyone. The innate connection with rhythm is deeply rooted among humans. It’s, therefore, an instrument that everyone can connect with and learn at any age.

How Long Can It Take To Learn Drums?

As a beginner, you can learn a basic rock beat within a few minutes and use the rest of the time mastering it. The beauty of it all is that the more you know, the more you realize that you should always be learning. This will definitely set you on a lifelong wonderful journey. Thankfully, the internet is an ever-expanding resource of information for tips, lessons, and videos which you can use to perfect your art. While learning drums has never been easy, with regular practice you can become the kind of player that you want to be.

Although a practice pad and pair of sticks is a good place to start, using an actual drum set will keep you excited and give you the kind of commitment that you need. Traditionally, a student will spend time practicing on rubber pads until they are sure that they can use the kit. The best starting point is knowing how to hold the sticks and becoming familiar with them, although at first, it might be hard, but with time you’ll reach a point where holding them will be quite natural. Next, you need to sit down and start hitting them. Experiencing the sounds and the foot pedals is actually a lot of fun. Remember, no matter what level you are in now, there is always some room for everyone who wants to learn drums.

Knowing what to look for when buying your first beginner drum set for adults will ensure that you start on the right track. Hopefully, with this guide, you’ll be able to choose the perfect drum set as a beginner. While your first drum set will not be the last it should last long and offer you the kind of sound that will match your personality!