Best Cheap Drum Sets For Beginners!


Are you thinking about buying a drum set for the first time? If your main goal here is to get the best information on finding “Cheap Drum Sets For Beginners” that are of good quality, then you have come to the right place! Many first time drummers or parents of drummers don’t know really know what they are looking for, so we are here to change that!

                Best Cheap Drum Sets For Beginners!

Best Cheap Drum Sets For Beginners! Drum Quality Cymbal Quality Sturdiness & Durability Good Sounding Kit Good For Beginners Ease Of Assembly Value For The Money Other Features & Perks Click Here To See More!
Pearl RS584CC91 Roadshow 4-Piece Drum Set, Wine Red Popular And Respected "Pearl" Brand. Great Sound.
Mendini by Cecilio Complete Full Size 5-Piece Adult Drum Set with Cymbals, Pedal, Throne, and Drumsticks, Metallic Blue, MDS80-BL 5 Piece Complete Set.
Ludwig Accent Drive 5-Pc Drum Set, Red Foil - Includes: Hardware, Throne, Pedal, Cymbals, Sticks & Drumheads 5 Piece Set.
Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Adult 5 Piece Drum Set with Cymbals Stands Stool and Sticks, Black Complete Set. Drum Key. Great Track Record. Complete Set. Drum Key. Great Track Record.
LAGRIMA Black 22'' 5 Piece Complete Adult Drum Set Cymbals Full Size Kit with Stool & Sticks Real Wood Shells. Drum Key. Complete Set.

Getting “Complete” Cheap Drum Sets For Beginners!

First off, a basic set needs to come complete. Drum sets don’t always sell as “complete” sets though because on the market you will find “shell sets,” “shell sets with hardware,” and, “sets without cymbals.” A shell set means that you will not get any cymbals, drum throne(unless they specify) cymbal stands, bass pedal and sticks.

So for now, you will want to stay away from those because for a beginner drummer, this situation can be quite hopeless. You won’t be able to get what you need out of a shell pack or a shell pack with hardware, short of you buying all of the missing parts and spending much more than you bargained for. From the first time buyers eye, a shell pack might seem “cheaper,” at first, but what comes in the box is just incomplete for the beginner drummer.

Basic Cheap Drum Sets For Beginners!

A basic set for a beginner drummer who is just starting out should have 1- Hi-hat Stand, 2- Hi-hat cymbals, 1- Snare stand, 1- Drum Throne, 1- Bass Pedal, At least 1-Cymbal stand, 1-Crash cymbal, 1-Snare drum, 1-2- Mounted Toms, and 1- Floor tom. It might come with a pair of drum sticks for free but that is often up to the dealer. If you need a visual for what a beginner set might look like, simply look at the above photos. Some of these words can sometimes sound weird, like what in the world is a “hi-hat?”

Here is a list of some other Top Brands For Complete Starter Sets. The good news is cheaper sets from other brands can still be aquired.
1.) Ddrum Starter
2.) PDP Z5
3.) Gammon
4.) Rogers RD622
5.) Ludwig Accent CS

So if you do make a decision to spend your cash, you don’t have to get the best drum set in the shop, a low-priced complete set is fine for starters.


tuning cheap drum sets for beginners with a drum key

How to Properly Tune Cheap Drum Sets For Beginners!

Learning how to play a musical instrument is a gift that you will have for the rest of your life. In order to maintain this gift you need to learn how to go about tuning your instrument. Learning how to tune your drums will be a simple process after reading this.

Music helps people to connect and interact. Which is why it is beneficial to learn how to play a musical instrument. One of the most popular instruments to learn how to play, is the drums. The drums are an extremely important aspect of music as a whole, especially when playing in a band. The drums help to keep the time and the beat, which in turn keeps the other musicians on track with their instruments. Therefore it is necessary to learn how to tune your drums properly so that you can stay in tune while helping to keep the beat.

Learning how to tune your drums is simple if your follow these easy steps:

1. Purchase a drum key. A drum key is essential, without it you cannot tune your drums.

2. Check that everything is in place. When you first purchase a drum kit, you may need to place the drum skin on yourself. If this is the case, you will need to loosen the tension rods, before placing the skin down. Then you can begin the process of tuning the kit.

3. Find the tone. Once you are happy with the position of the skin, find the tone you desire for that drum. Hit the drum with a stick and tighten and loosen the tension rods until you find the right tone.

4. Know your drums. There are different drums that make up a drum kit. You need to know what sound the snare, toms and kick drum are supposed to make before tuning them.

5. Listen. Tuning is a very delicate process, you will need to listen carefully to each individual drum to find the correct tone. This tone needs to be a smooth single tone. Once you are satisfied that you have found the correct tone for all of the drums you can begin to play them.

6. Always check the tone. When you move your drum kit around you may disturb the tone. Always remember to check the tone of the drum kit before playing any events, so that you can rest assured that everything is perfect.

The tuning of any musical instrument takes patience and a good ear but once you have got the tone right you can begin to enjoy your drum kit!