Best Starter Drum Set For A 9 Year Old!


Some 9 year olds are just so enthusiastic about playing drums. Whenever you find them with pots and wooden spoons, they will most likely be thumping away in enjoyment. If you happen to have such a kid, then it would be best to encourage them with musical tools.

There is no better way to achieve this other than to get them a good “Drum Set For A 9 Year Old!“. Yes, it would be a noisy hobby but it can be very enjoyable and rewarding for your child. It will not only help to enhance their self-expression but also increase their creativity.

                   Best Drum Sets For 9 Year Olds!

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Choosing the perfect starter drum set for your 9 year old is really not that hard. And there is a great chance that you’ve never been a drummer yourself. But don’t worry – the detailed guide given below will point you in the right direction and you will probably find it easier to choose your kid’s drum set.

What To Look For When Getting The Best Drum Set For A 9 year Old!

First and foremost, before picking a drum set for your kid, there are various factors you should consider. These include the height of the drum and the number of pieces in the drum kit.

Number Of Pieces In the Drum Kit

Starter kids drum kits are usually categorized depending on the pieces it contains. The common ones are 3-piece and 5-piece junior drum sets. They all define the number of bass drums, tom drums and snare drums that a kit comes with. A 3-piece drum set kit, for instance, will only have a snare drum, a bass drum, and a single mounted tom-tom. A 5-piece kit, on the other hand, will include two additional pieces: a floor tom-tom and a second mounted tom-tom. 4-piece drum sets are also available but they are much less common.

Both configurations discussed above are great for your beginner 9 year old, however, each has its own unique advantage. A 3-piece drum set kit is much preferred for complete amateurs since it is much smaller and easy to learn and play on. It has fewer drums which means your kid will have fewer drum cadences to master. A 5-piece set is recommended for drum enthusiasts and kids who are quick at learning. This is because the configuration of a 5-piece set mirrors the configuration of most standard or full drum kits which will give them better grounding in drumming techniques.

The Height Of The Drum

When we consider the height of the drum, we mainly focus on how easy your child will reach the cymbal and bass drum pedal while sitting on the drum throne. An average 9-year old kid will measure between 4ft to 5ft and therefore parents should consider a drum set that favors such height.

Drum Set Kit Details

Most parents make a mistake of not paying attention to what a given drum set kit entails when purchasing it for their kids. This leads to a sub-standard drum set kit that does not meet the requirements that will facilitate your kid to master the skill of playing drums like a professional. For this reason, ensure that the drum set you consider to purchase has cymbals, cymbal stands, kick pedal, a pair of drumsticks and a drum throne.

So if you can stand the noise of your kid perfecting his/her drumming skills, consider the above tips and buy them a good starter drum set to get them started off in the right direction.


red and white drum set for a 9 year old

The Importance Of Getting A Drum Set For A 9 Year Old That Is The Right Size!

Perfectly Sized For The Small Players

Unlike full-size kits, miniature drum sets have shorter thrones and stands that facilitate proper posture that offers enough comfort for our kid’s little legs and arms. Standard sets, on the other hand, can be straining or even impossible for a kid to operate. Miniature sets are also more compact to allow for easier setup and handling.

Drumming is a hardy session and is considered healthy for kids. Research shows that drumming alone can burn an average of 270.4 calories in less than an hour. Therefore, getting a miniature drum set is a perfect way to get them to sweat while still having fun.

Let’s face it, the kind of noise associated with your kid’s early days of learning how to play the drum is not that much pleasing. At times, we as parents need to accommodate this kind of noise while still working from home. Thanks to the miniature drum sets, the noise is significantly reduced since they use smaller drum shells that lead to less amplitude and higher pitches for less noise.

Drums are a big part of the musical world. Once your kid is comfortable with the right sized miniature set, more practice will help to bring out their talent. This is so developmental and it will assist your kid to enhance his/her musical capabilities. The percussionist’s package is endless and your kid will enjoy more when discovering new sounds to play.

Building Confidence

The key to becoming a successful drummer is confidence. All successful drummers need to have the growth mindset. They believe that no matter how challenging playing a certain beat is, they can always start slow and break them into manageable parts. Additionally, playing loud beats in front of a crowd will require a lot of confidence. For your kid, this would not only benefit him in his social communications but also in his academics.

Getting the perfect drum set for a 9 year old can be challenging but with the above tips you can settle for a good drum set that your kid will definitely love. In addition to enjoying learning how to play the drums, your kid can also be able to channel his/her inner artist. With a good drum set, an amazing teacher to guide them and the support from parents, your kid will definitely have all it takes to become an amazing drummer!