Real Drums For Kids Reviews!


Getting “Real Drums For Kids” can be a challenging task in different ways. Not many parents are musicians and some may not be versed in the use of loops, hoops or shell sizes. This obligation might lead you to spend many hours doing research on drum sets for your kids. There are numerous aspects that can influence your choice including; “how to choose the correct match of the drum set with your kid’s age.”

Such conditions may make most parents feel intimidated to purchase a real playable drum set and give in to the temptation of opting for a toy drum set. However, the latter option might affect the drumming capabilities of your kids, or worse discouraging your child to pursue their true musical passion. This article is meant to educate parents on the importance of getting a real playable drum set instead of a toy drum set!

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Here is an important question a parent should take into consideration before deciding which drum set is the best fit for their kid;

What Is The Importance Of Getting  “Real Drums For Kids” Instead Of A “Toy Drum Set?”

It is important for parents to get their kid a real drum set once you recognize their passion for playing drums. Rather than to buy a toy drum set, you should opt for the genuine playable drum sets to promote and nurture their musical talents. Choosing the real option is beneficial also in the long run as it will get your kid started on a path of musical gratification through playing real drums.

This can be done in progressive stages from the initial toddler drum kit, to practice pads or the more advanced silent/ low volume electronic drum set. Real drum sets like the basic toddler drum kit, are available in a complete set consisting of a cymbal, tom-tom, snare, drumsticks and a kick drum with pedals.

A majority of the toy drum sets have a very glittery polish and are considerably cheap compared to real drum sets. However, the flipside is that they are likely to miss important musical components, making it difficult for your kid to internalize the numerous motion techniques associated with drumming.

Their cymbals also sound quite horrific and non-melodious to a person with an ear for real music. Every parent has a responsibility to hone their kids expressed interest in any profession at a tender age such as becoming a drummer. This can only be realized if you provide the right musical tools as a real playable drum set.

"TIGER" real drums for kids

What Features Should You Look For When Getting Real Drums For Kids?

You should know what to look for before you get excited about purchasing a real playable drums for your kid. Here are some tips that can guide any musician and non-musician parent looking to buy an impeccable drum set for their toddler.

The Age Group Bracket

The upper age group for most real playable drum is set around 10 years, while the lower limit is around 3 years. However, the right size of a drum set for your kid will also be influenced by their height. If your child is taller than average or older in years, it is recommended you get a grown-up sized kit.

What Constitutes Real Drums

It has become acceptable standards nowadays for people to provide incomplete toy drum sets without essential parts like the hi-hats. A good drum set should consist of these components; a snare, a bass or kick drum, at least 1 tom, at least 1 crash cymbal, drumsticks, a stool, and last but not least hi-hats.

Professional music teachers always recommend parents to buy a 5 piece kit if possible because this will be more fruitful in nurturing your child’s talent in the future. It will also greatly improve your kid’s musical skills and make them firmly grounded in drumming techniques at a tender age. Get all the hardware required to bring out the musical genius in your kid, it is worthy to invest in the abilities of your child.

What The Term “Pieces” Refers To In A Drum Set

Musicians only count drums in any kind of drum set as pieces including; a snare, bass/ kick drum and 3 toms which total up to 5 pieces. The hi-hats, cymbals and other kinds of stuff are not inclusive of the phrase “pieces” in music.

It is standard for real drums to give measurements by stating the diameter first before the depth. For example a drum size 10” x 5” snare represents 10” diameter and 5” deep. However, there are other manufacturers and retailers who disregard music rules and state drum measurements in reverse.


The drumsticks might be the smallest yet they are vital items of the whole component and are used for striking the drums. Real drum sets come with drumming sticks when you order the standard music kit. However, it is advisable to buy additional sets of diverse weights to spur the music passion in your child.

Drumming is a useful skill which works well to develop your kid’s hand-eye coordination. It is always advisable to get your child real drums at their toddler stage. This works to their advantage as they can seamlessly fine tune their musical techniques easily when the time comes to enroll them for music class.

If you have a toddler that is too young to formally start learning real music, it is acceptable to expose them to the fun side of music by getting them a toy drum set. Such sets are easily found in many online retail shops. This kind of kit will nonetheless have to be upgraded to real drums as your child grows to an acceptable age group, in order for them to fully grasp the art of drumming.