Box You Sit On And Drum (Guide And Reviews)!


The Cajon is one of the best hand drums available today. This is because they are portable, a blast to play and affordable. It is a famous percussion instrument used both in studios and in the streets. Best of all, the Cajon can adapt to all kinds of musical settings.

So if you are planning to acquire your first one, here are the features to look out for in a great “Box You Sit On And Drum” that will assist you in making an  informed decision.

              Box You Sit On And Drum Comparisons!

Best Boxes You Sit On And Drum! Sturdiness & Construction Snare Sound Bass Sound Adjustable Strings Size Good For Live Performances Good For Recording Value For The Money Other Features & Perks Click Here To See More!
Meinl Percussion HCAJ1AWA Headliner Series Stained American White Ash String Cajon, Medium Size Medium Rear Sound Hole. Adjustable Top Corners. Textured MDF Body.
JOY 103 Birch Wood Cajon Box-Drum Hand Drum,with Large Rubber Feet and Internal Steel Strings Full All Birch Construction. Rear Sound Hole.
Meinl Percussion HCAJ1NT Headliner Series Wood String Cajon for Adjustable Snare Effect, Full Size Full Rear Sound Hole. Rubber Wood Construction (Tropical Hardwood). Louder than Normal Sound.
Pyle Stringed Jam Cajon - Wooden Cajon Percussion Box. (PCJD18) Full Great Customer Response. Good For All Skill Levels. Birch Wood Construction. Rear Sound Hole.
Meinl Percussion JC50LBNT Baltic Birch Wood Compact Jam Cajon with Internal Snares, Light Brown (Great For All Skill Levels) Medium All Birch Construction. Rear Port For Enhanced Tone. Great Customer Response. Low In Price Compared To Other Cajons On This Level. Adjustable Playing Surface.

The word cajon means “crate” which can tell you about the history of this drum. The history of this instrument is a sad one. When the Europeans brought African slaves to Peru, the owners of these slaves were very cruel. They snatched all the drums from these slaves hoping that could dampen their spirits.

Instead, these African slaves continued drumming in secret using whatever they came across like packing crates, wooden boxes and dresser drawers to keep their traditions and heritage alive. It is a testament to how a creative spirit can express and emerge itself in the most complicated situations and triumph.

Key Features To Look For In A “Box You Sit On And Drum”

A great box you sit on and drum is the one that sounds great in any musical setting, grabs the attention of your audience and leaves you wanting to play even more! It should be able to separate high, bass and deep tones.

Cajon Materials

The type of materials used when constructing your Cajon will determine the quality of the sound your instrument produces. High-quality materials will always produce a higher sound quality while lower quality ones can negatively affect the quality of sound. Marine ply is normally used  because it is strong, resistant to cracking and splitting.

Birch and beech hardwoods are normally used because of their excellent sound properties. They are ideal because they are employed to produce various quality tones. Whatever material is employed in constructing the Cajon, it should be free from any defects and high-quality.

Cajon Tapa (Front-Playing) Face

This is the front part of your Cajon that attracts more attention from potential buyers because it is a visible part that your audience will see. The color, and design of your tapa is not always relevant as many people think. Although the design and color are visually crucial, the essential consideration is because the tapa is the part of your instrument being played; therefore the material used to construct it contributes to the overall sound of your instrument.

An excellent tapa plate is one that is made up of thinner plies to produce a denser material. Be on the lookout for those tapa plates made of thicker plies as they cannot produce high tones. The tapa face will be one of the most played parts of your Cajon and will regulate the tones that your instrument will produce. Take your time to make sure that it is made up of high-quality materials.

Cajon Snares

A box you sit on and drum might have a snare for adding some buzz to its tones. However, some Cajons are constructed without snares. It is always advisable to listen to the sound produced by each Cajon rather than judging on how it is made.

Cajon Sound Holes

It is always advisable that a Cajon’s  sound hole is positioned in a way that it does not affect your posture when you are playing the instrument and does not cause problems when using microphones for amplification. An off-center sound hole will offer depth to your sound, but may interfering with the volume.

playing a box you sit on and drum

Tips for Playing A “Box You Sit On And Drum”

Playing a cajon is not like hitting any box or copying a drum kit. The Cajon is a great percussion instrument that everybody would love to play. Even if you are a beginner, you will love it because it is simple to learn and produces a great unique sound. This article will provide tips for playing Cajon that will help you get started pretty fast.


Posture is of the highest importance when playing your Cajon. You need to sit right so that you can play your cajon without straining. Ensure that your back is straight all the time and relaxed. Posture is vital to the longevity of your playing; it will generally affect your health. You should ensure that your feet lie flat on the ground and can be bent at 90 degrees or more. Sit in a relaxed posture if you want to achieve great sounds with high accuracy and speeds. In fact, when you hit hard, this may lead to the chocking of sound and in the long run give poor quality tones.


Your first training sessions should concentrate more on searching for the basic tones of your Cajon. The slap and bass tones are the two basic tones. For bass tones, your main emphasis should be to achieve a clean strike, rapid hand removal and being relaxed when playing the Cajon.

Find A Teacher

When you select the right Cajon, you can begin drumming it straightaway. You can always improve or learn new skills by watching YouTube tutorials online. The internet has made it possible for people to access Cajon lessons online where they can sharpen their skills.

Play With Friends

Music is more enjoyable when playing with your friends rather than when alone. You should meet your friends often for jam sessions. Choose several tracks and practice them together. It will help to improve your skills and help you become a better Cajon player.