Best Motorized Cars For A 3 Year Old!


While there is no doubting the charm of some of the old-fashioned pedal cars, there comes a time when kids earn themselves an upgrade. “Motorized Cars For A 3 Year Old” are a great present for adventurous toddlers. Still, there are some parents that may be a little apprehensive about switching to these motorized ride-on models.

Here, we will look at some of the best features when choosing a car for your 3 year old child. We also want to draw attention to the potential of the parental remote control, which can offer a little more peace of mind!

                Best Motorized Cars For A 3 Year Old!

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Best Choice Products Kids 12V Ride On Car with MP3 Electric Battery Power, Red 2 Forward ( 2 mph & 4 mph) + Reverse 1- 2 Hours (2) 12 Volt Horn. Seat Belt. Gear Switch. Front & Rear Lights.
Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali 12-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On, Black 2 Forward (2.5 mph & 5 mph) + Reverse ( 2.5 mph) 2 Hours (1) 12 Volt Openable Doors. Headlights & Tail Lights. Rubber Tires For Better Traction.Room For 2 Riders. Realistic Engine Sounds.
Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car Truck w/ Remote Control, 3 Speeds, Spring Suspension, LED Light - Pink 3 Forward ( High, Med, Low) + Reverse 1-2 Hours (1) 12 Volt Large 14 Inch Wheels. Seatbelt. LED Lights. Built In Songs.
JAXPETY Audi TT 12V Electric Kids Ride On Car Licensed MP3 LED Lights RC Remote Control Yellow 2 Forward + Reverse Approx. 2 Hours (2) 12 Volt Lower In Price Compared To Some Others. Realistic Engine Sounds. Front & Rear Lights. Turn Signals. Seatbelt.
Costzon Ride On Jeep Car, 12V 2WD Powered Truck, Manual/ Parental Remote Control Modes Truck Vehicle with Headlights, MP3 Port, Music, Horn for Kids (Black Jeep) 2 Forward + Reverse Approx. 1 Hour (1) 12 Volt Move-Able Mirrors. Horn. Seat Belt. Headlights. Open And Close Doors.
Jaguar Authorized F-TYPE 12V Luxury Kids Ride On Car Battery Powered MP3 LED Door Open Kids Vehicle With Remote Control 3 Forward ( 3 mph,4 mph, and 5 mph) + Reverse 2 Hours (1) 12 Volt 2 Second Buffer Booting For Smooth Take Offs. Seat Belt. Realistic Engine Sound. Open And Close Doors.

Top Features You Should Look For In Motorized Cars For A 3 Year Old!

There are some important features that we want to focus on. They are:
1) The design of the car
2) The top speed
3) The traction on the wheels
4) The space in the seats
5) Additional safety features
6) The inclusion of a parental remote control.

The Design:

The design of the car is a great place to start when choosing the best motorized car for your 3 year old. There are lots of different models with different approaches. Some try to be pretty realistic, with miniaturized versions of Jeeps, racing cars and perhaps the family car that mommy or daddy drives. This isn’t so important with 3 year olds. These kids will prefer the brighter colors and fun characters.

The Speed:

With fun ride-on cars for toddlers, the top speed doesn’t have to be quite so high either. There are older children that will love tearing around in their mini racing cars. Here the speed can come down as kids just enjoy the “motion and creative play” in their own car. The most powerful cars can reach 6 mph, but it is best to look for something a little lower.

The Wheels:

Then there are the wheels. Motorized cars for a 3 year old, as well as pedal cars, are typically designed for indoor use, or at most, use on surfaces that easily permit travel. Their basic wheels can traverse the carpets with ease and the axles offer adequate steering to get through doorways and corridors. By age 3, some parents will consider a model that can go outside.

This opens up new opportunities for playtime as kids play in the yard, or navigate the driveway. This means coming in contact with asphalt, gravel, grass and other textures. This also means a need for a more rugged tire with better grip. The last thing that you want is the car skidding out of control or toppling over. On that note, it helps to check the stability and general build quality of the car because if it needs to hold up to slightly rougher play.

car seats of a motorized cars for a 3 year old


The Seats:

The seating and space within the car is an area where some parents may disagree. Many will look for a car with lots of space. There are two benefits to this approach. The first is that it offers room for children to grow with the car – so it is more of a long-term investment. The other is that it offers room for a passenger – either a sibling or playmate. This is great for the social development of toddlers. However, there will be those that feel that too much room to move could be a safety issue.

The Safety Features:

Safety is clearly a main priority with this car. There is always that concern that kids can crash or fall out of the car, especially less experienced 3 year old kids. A motorized car with safety belts is a great starting point. This offers security, but also some authenticity. It is a great learning tool for kids too. Other parents will consider additional pads and helmets.

parental remote control for motorized cars for 3 year olds

Why The Parental Remote Control Is So Important In Motorized Cars For A 3 Year Old!

Then there is the added benefit of the parental remote control. This little tool is a common feature of many motorized cars for a 3 year old. This can offer great peace of mind for parents that don’t feel that their child is quite ready for the responsibility of this motorized car. There are two ways to use this remote control for your own benefit, and that of the child.

The first is to use the remote control to take full control of steering, speed and braking while the child gets more used to the car. This provides a great transition as your child learns more about the mechanics and controls. They can get used to the speed as they ride, then learn how to replicate it on their own. They can play along with the steering under parental supervision, then take full control once they master the motor skills involved. The other method is to place kids in control of the car, but hold on to that safety net where you can flip a switch as needed to regain control.

Look at the specification of the remote control when choosing the motorized car for your 3 year old. There are different features to consider when choosing the right car with the best remote. To begin with, that remote has to be easy to use. There has to be a simple switch that you can flick if there is ever any sign of trouble. You also want to check the battery used, it’s charging needs and it’s typical run time. This could be the difference between a reliable model and a car stuck in the garage. Then there is the detail in the controls, with the different speed settings, sensitivity in the steering and other elements.

Find The Model That Suits You As Much As Your Child

It can take a bit of a leap of faith to upgrade to a more powerful,car for your 3 year old. The great thing about these models with the remote is that you can ease into the idea gently. Kids have more freedom to roam and create their own adventures. But, you can still step in and offer a helping hand. Take your time to find a model with all the best features for the best experience!