Best Battery Powered Ride On Toys For 7 Year Olds!


Kids don’t necessarily outgrow the concept of the ride on or push car. Instead, they just need to upgrade to more suitable models. This is definitely the case around age 7, when kids may turn away from childish types and favor something more realistic.

In this brief introduction to “Battery Powered Ride On Toys For 7 Year Olds“, we will look at some of the best features to look out for. In doing so, we all want to focus on one key factor – that is the “realism” of this ride on car. As you will see, without this realism, kids can’t get the full experience they are after.

     Best Battery Powered Ride On Toys For 7 Year Olds!

Best Battery Powered Ride On Toys For 7 Year Olds! Sturdiness & Durability Parental Remote Control Speeds Battery Run Time Battery Voltage Realistic Car Features And Controls Can Drive Over Different Types Of Terrain And Surfaces Music Capabilities Easy For 7 Year Olds To Drive And Control Other Features & Perks Click Here To See More!
Best Choice Products Kids 12V Ride On Car with MP3 Electric Battery Power, Red 2 Forward ( 2 mph & 4 mph) + Reverse 1- 2 Hours (2) 12 Volt Horn. Seat Belt. Gear Switch. Front & Rear Lights.
Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali 12-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On, Black 2 Forward (2.5 mph & 5 mph) + Reverse ( 2.5 mph) 2 Hours (1) 12 Volt Openable Doors. Headlights & Tail Lights. Rubber Tires For Better Traction.Room For 2 Riders. Realistic Engine Sounds.
JAXPETY Audi TT 12V Electric Kids Ride On Car Licensed MP3 LED Lights RC Remote Control Yellow 2 Forward + Reverse Approx. 2 Hours (2) 12 Volt Lower In Price Compared To Some Others. Realistic Engine Sounds. Front & Rear Lights. Turn Signals. Seatbelt.
Jaguar Authorized F-TYPE 12V Luxury Kids Ride On Car Battery Powered MP3 LED Door Open Kids Vehicle With Remote Control 3 Forward ( 3 mph,4 mph, and 5 mph) + Reverse 2 Hours (1) 12 Volt 2 Second Buffer Booting For Smooth Take Offs. Seat Belt. Realistic Engine Sound. Open And Close Doors.
Costzon Ride On Jeep Car, 12V 2WD Powered Truck, Manual/ Parental Remote Control Modes Truck Vehicle with Headlights, MP3 Port, Music, Horn for Kids (Black Jeep) 2 Forward + Reverse Approx. 1 Hour (1) 12 Volt Move-Able Mirrors. Horn. Seat Belt. Headlights. Open And Close Doors.
Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car Truck w/ Remote Control, 3 Speeds, Spring Suspension, LED Light - Pink 3 Forward ( High, Med, Low) + Reverse 1-2 Hours (1) 12 Volt Large 14 Inch Wheels. Seatbelt. LED Lights. Built In Songs.

What Features To Look For When Getting Battery Powered Ride On Toys For 7 Year Olds?

The best motorized toys for your 7 year old tend to offer the same features. They are as follows:

1) The power in the battery
2) The options in the gears
3) The adaptability for different situations
4) The sensitivity of the steering
5) The safety features for greater peace of mind
6) The realism in the design

The Battery:

As this is a battery powered ride on toy, that battery is a vital feature. These models for older children are much more powerful than those for young kids. There are some great 24v models with double motor systems. This means more power behind all the movements and motions, which adds to that idea of realism. Kids can feel like they are motoring along, not cruising gently.

The Gears:

The power and intensity continue with the gear systems. Models for younger kids can offer different speeds, but are pretty basic and don’t give kids much control. Here children can use the different gears for a more authentic driving experience. Many of the best models also offer a reverse gear to add to the experience. Kids choose how they drive, and make their own mistakes. On that note, the parental remote controls of models for young children are more rare here. Kids are fully in control. Think of it like taking the training wheels off a bike.

The Adaptability:

With added control comes an added desire to roam. Responsible children can take this away from the yard and drive into the neighborhood. This means that the car has to handle the different surfaces it encounters, from asphalt to grass and mud. Kids need to be able to drive around with confidence.

The Steering:

That ability to roam and test out driving skills also means that these battery powered ride on toys for 7 year olds need a good steering system. The cars should be responsive to the motions of the driver, leading to realistic reactions and motions. This could cause some over-enthusiastic kids to bump into some curbsides and walls. But, this is all part of that learning process.

Safety Features:

Then there are the safety features on board. These older kids are less likely to wear the helmets and pads of younger children. But, a strong seat belt is still a good idea. This can also encourage kids to wear them in “real” cars and promote passenger safety. A good braking system is also important, with an emergency handbrake offering some peace of mind if kids go near hills.

4X4 jeep/truck - battery powered ride on toys for 7 year olds

Realistic Designs And Features In Battery Powered Ride On Toys For 7 Year Olds!

The final benefit of these top ride on toys for 7 year olds is the greater focus on realistic designs. By this age, kids have a greater understanding of the purpose and mechanics of cars. They therefore have much higher expectations of what this ride on toy should offer. Slow, low-end models with cartoon-ish designs just don’t cut it any more. This has to act as much like a replica car as possible. This is where all those gears and the good steering help. But, the look of the car is also important. A realistic design gives the true impression of a miniaturized Ferrari, Jeep, or whatever other car kids fantasize about driving.

Of course the importance of realism goes much deeper than a need for a better looking car. There is a turning point around this age where kids want to emulate their parents. The act of driving the car around the neighborhood is less about adventure and creative play, and more about copying their parent. The more realistic and familiar the model, the easier it is for kids to make that connection. They can copy Dad’s mannerisms as they replicate the actions of their idol. They can emulate Mom’s errands in more grown-up creative play. They can then see the links between the family car and their own ride on model. Take the time to really look at sales photos and customer photos when choosing the right ride on toy for your 7 year old.

There are lots of features to look for in the specification of a top motorized car for this age group. The power, top speed and safety features are crucial. Still, we can’t ignore that design. Take a good look at the sales photos to see the realism in the depiction of the car. Look at the shape of the body, the placement of the lights and even smaller details. The greater the attention to detail, the better the chance that your child will be impressed. It also helps to look at consumer photos, just to make sure the sales photo matches the product received.

Make sure to get a ride on toy that your child will cherish. This is a high-end purchase that kids should want to play with on a regular basis. They may be growing out of their kid-friendly toy cars, but they still want an age-appropriate model to handle on their own. These realistic, more intense models give 7 year olds that chance to grab the wheel, adjust the gear and emulate their parents. Choose wisely to provide the best possible experience.