Best Ride On Cars For A 6 Year Old!


In recent times the use of ride on cars by kids has replaced old manual toy cars that cannot move on their own without the child using his legs and hands to push the car forward or backward. Ride on cars are like smaller models of a real adult car and most of them have features similar to real cars. There are numerous ride on cars for kids designed to suit different age ranges.

Choosing the “Best Ride On Cars For A 6 Year Old” can be a challenging task if the individual does not know the features that he should check out for before buying the car. In this article, we will be exploring the features that one should look out for.

                 Best Ride On Cars For A 6 Year Old!

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Top Features In The Best Ride On Cars For A 6 Year Old!

Most Children within the age range of six years and above are usually interested in having toys that look exactly like what the adults have. That is why the best ride on cars for a 6 year old and above are designed to look very much like real adult cars. They come in different brands including popular brands like Lamborghini, Jeep, Mercedes and Range Rover. The importance of buying the appropriate ride on car suitable for your child’s age range cannot be overemphasized. In buying a ride on car for your child, the following factors and features of the car should be considered

a) Battery Voltage: This is one of the most important factors that should be considered when getting the best ride on car for a six year old. This is because the voltage of the battery and the watts of the motor are the determinants of the power of the car. Kids ride on cars come in different battery voltages ranging from 6 Volts to 12 volts, 24 volts, and 36 volts. The cars with the lowest voltage, (which is 6 volts) are usually very slow and can not move in rough or steep terrain. The ride on cars that are more powerful usually have provisions for different speed levels. This is actually good because the child will not outgrow the car fast.

For children between the age of six and above, ride on cars with 12 to 24 volts are the best, it should be noted however that children that are cautious may feel more comfortable with the one that has 12 volts. The 24 volt cars can be used on rough terrains and also have a double motor system. The longer the battery of the car lasts in between charges is determined by the voltage, and since children about the age of six can spend more time playing with their toys, it is good to look out for ones that last long after charging and also do not take too much time to charge.

b) Age Range: The age range of most of these ride on cars is stated on it by the manufacturer. It is more advisable to get one that the child will grow into than to buy one that is below the expectations of the child. These cars also come with a specification of the maximum weight the car can carry, consider the weight of your child and choose the one that suits his weight.

c) Safety and Protection: A six year old is still a child, therefore, there is a need for the safety of the child to be considered when buying him/her a car. The best type of cars for children in this age range should have parental remote controls, that enables the parent to be able to control the car in case of emergency. It is wise to buy a car that offers remote control for parents, this will guarantee safety and help the parent to quickly intervene if for any reason the child is about to crash and he doesn’t know what to do to prevent the crash. Most cars like this have a switch through which the remote can be activated.

It’s is, however, important to note that these remotes are just made for safety but this does not mean that the parent should take advantage of it to deprive the child of the fun of driving by constantly controlling and driving the car without the child having an opportunity to control it. In addition, the best ride on cars for a 6 year old should have safety belts or seat belts to hold them in place and prevent the child from getting hurt in case he bumps into something.

d) Dual Motor: It is ideal for a ride on cars to have a dual motor system. This is because the coordination and reflexes of children within this age group are advanced. This dual motor system and multiple gears gives the car more power and gives the child a real driving experience. These cars should also have a reverse system. Other features such as the ability of the doors to open, and working headlights should also be considered.

e) Realistic Features: Kids that are 6 years and above are often Interested in having toys that look and function like real vehicles. It is therefore important to buy ride on cars that have realistic features such as taillights and headlights, horn, seat belts and so on. This will enable the child to have an exciting experience.


Black Jeep - Best Ride On Cars For A 6 Year Old


Why Are Realistic Features Important In The Best Ride On Cars For A 6 Year Old?

As stated earlier, kids within the age range of six and above are usually more coordinated and interested in adult things than younger children. In as much as they are still kids, at that age, they begin to lose the taste for very childish and fake looking toys. This loss of interest is greatly due to the increase in intelligence and buildup of curiosity to explore new things that adults have. Many manufacturers of ride on cars are beginning to add realistic features to the cars they make for children. Some of these features are headlights, radio, MP3 player, Adjustable seat belt, taillights, horn, turn signals, and so on.

First, realistic features help the child to fully enjoy the riding experience without using imagination to augment the experience. For children within this age range that are already aware of the features of a real car, buying one for him that doesn’t have some of the cool features the real cars have makes him resort to imagining that his toy car has these features. Most often these children get bored of the imaginary features and this could lead to them abandoning the car because it isn’t fun for them. For example, a six year old child knows that a real car has horns, if he gets a toy car that doesn’t have a horn, he may begin to honk with his mouth but with time he will get tired and look for something more fun to play with.

Secondly, most children that are within the age range of 6 usually are curious about adult things and would want to try them out. But since they are underage and can’t be allowed to have “the feel” of what driving an adult car feels like, buying an exact replica of their parent’s car that has realistic features helps to kill that curiosity. If the car does all that daddy’s car does and has all that mommy’s car has, they won’t be too curious about trying their hands on the real car.

Children within this age group are also quite adventurous, having a car with realistic features will enable them to do almost all that they want to do with the car without any danger, they can easily drive on any terrain with their cars without any setback. For some children, the love their parents have for them is often viewed in the light of the gifts they get from their parents. For such children, having an exact replica of what his parents have doesn’t only satisfy his curiosity it also builds up his confidence in the fact that his parents love him well enough to give him exactly the same thing as they have. It also helps to boost the child’s esteem and self-worth.

In addition, ride on cars for 6 year olds that have realistic features, do not only ensure the child has fun to the fullest, but also helps in keeping the child safe. For example, the headlight or tail lights will enable the parents to keep an eye on the child if he is out riding in a not so bright weather, it will also help the child to see where he is going, thereby preventing an accident. Other realistic features such as the seat is added to hold the child safely in place while driving.