Best Electric Dirt Bike For A 10 Year Old!

Getting your 10 year old a dirt bike is a fun way to wow them on their birthday or holiday. An “Electric Dirt Bike For A 10 Year Old” is a sure-fire way to provide hours of endless fun and entertainment, considering that they’re quieter to run and have no emissions. Launching through the air aboard an electric dirt bike provides an unequaled adrenaline rush along with absolute awesomeness!

          Best Electric Dirt Bikes For 10 Year Olds!

Best Electric Dirt Bikes For 10 Year Olds! Sturdiness & Durability Maximum Speed Battery Run Time Motor Power Weight Limit Rides Smoothly Good Beginner Bike Braking System Easy For A 10 Year Old To Handle Other Features & Perks Click Here To See More!
Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike 15 Mph 40 Minutes 500 Watt Motor 175 lbs. BUILT FOR MEDIUM SIZE KIDS. Dual Suspension. Riser Handlebars. Dual Disc Brakes.
Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike 17 Mph 40 Minutes 650 Watt Motor 220 lbs. BUILT FOR LARGER KIDS. Dual Suspension And Riser Handlebars. Large Knobby Tires. Dual Disc Brakes. Great Power For Uphill Riding.
Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike 15 Mph 40 Minutes 500 Watt Motor 175 lbs. BUILT FOR MEDIUM SIZE KIDS. Dual Suspension And Riser Handlebars. Large Knobby Tires. Hand Operated Dual Disc Brakes.
Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike 14 Mph 30 Minutes 350 Watt Motor 140 lbs. BUILT FOR SMALLER KIDS. Super Quiet. Large Knobby Tires. Great Customer Response. Easy To Assemble. Hand Operated Rear Brake.
Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket 24V Electric Toy Motocross Motorcycle Dirt Bike 14 Mph 40 Minutes 350 Watt Motor 120 lbs. BUILT FOR SMALLER KIDS. Adjustable Riser Handlebars. Easy To Assemble.


While an electric dirt bike for a 10 year old provides plenty of entertainment, sizing it correctly is tricky. You have to exercise absolute caution, or you could end up buying something too heavy and too powerful, which is unsuitable for your kid for safety reasons.

A 10-year-old riding a motorcycle faces a degree of risk, but as a caring parent, there are factors you need to consider when buying the bike to reduce the chances of your young one getting hurt.

What Features To Look For When Getting The Right Electric Dirt Bike For A 10 Year Old!

There are many reputable companies that produce electric dirt bikes suited to 10 year olds. No matter the brand, always keep in mind that it’s a child that is going to ride the bike, so safety is absolutely paramount. And the only way to keep your young ones safe and let them have extreme fun is to get a bike with the right combination of features. The following are features to look for when getting a good electric dirt bike for a 10 year old kid.


The size of the bike determines whether or not your kid can safely and comfortably handle it. 10 year olds typically need easy manageability, so choose a bike that fits well when the child is seated. Ideally, your kid should be able to touch the ground with both feet when seated on the bike. It should be easy to reach the controls and handlebars when sitting on the bike. You might need to get your child to sit on a few bike models to find the right size.


The weight of an electric dirt bike is also a key determining factor when it comes to buying dirt bikes. A dirt bike relies largely on your ability to “shift your weight”, execute turns and brake safely. These tasks can become difficult or almost impossible for your kid to accomplish if the bike is too large or too small. Most young bikers are less than 100 pounds and need a bike that is not too small to avoid negatively affecting the performance of the suspension.

Engine Size

It may be a good idea to choose a lightweight electric bike with less power if you’re buying your young one a bike for the first time. The smallest engine size you can get is around 50cc, and this one makes it easier for your kid to learn how to ride. A 50cc four-stroke dirt bike has a fairly linear power delivery which makes throttle control much easier for starters.

Starter System

There are two types of starter systems; electric and kick-start. Electric start engine is the most suitable because it’s easy to start at the touch of a button. Kick starters become the norm when bikers grow and get more powerful. If your young one is riding a bike for the first time, it is imperative to get an electric start system so it becomes easy for them to start their bike.

Safety & Handling

Get a lightweight electric bike that is easy to handle by a child who is brand new to riding. The bike should be adjustable and include elevated handlebars that are firm and sturdy as well. A safer dirt bike is comprised of a combination of thick/excellent tires, sturdy construction, and tight brakes. These features prove helpful as far as getting started safely is concerned.

Moderate Speeds

Every kid out there loves speed, but be careful not to buy a bike that has too much speed or power. Electric dirt bikes with moderate speeds are perfect for safe riding and thus appropriate for a youngster. Moderate speed in this regard is anywhere from 10-17 miles per hour. The speed ability gradually increases as your child gains more skill and experience.


Electric dirt bikes for kids have a wide variety of suspension options but some are devoid of suspension systems. Dirt bikes lacking suspension systems are cheaper and work well for very young children. Nearly all advanced dirt bikes contain suspension systems and are great for older children. Advanced models that contain suspension systems are incredibly terrific when it comes to riding over bumpy, rough terrain.


red and white small electric dirt bike for a 10 year old


Basic Safety Equipment For A 10-Year-Old Electric Dirt Bike Rider

Let’s be honest; even the most seasoned electric dirt bike rider can fall off at least once in a while. Your child is also likely to topple at some point, and so you must ensure that the impact is greatly minimized in the event your kid falls off his dirt bike. Equip your young rider with basic protective gear before they begin riding, especially if they intend to get into motocross racing. Make sure he has the following protective riding gear.

– Helmet — Get your child a full-face motorcycle helmet. Find a full-face helmet that fits well because this will protect their chin as well as the sides of their head.

– Gloves — When your child falls, the first thing that will hit the ground is the hand. Having a good pair of riding gloves can reduce many slip-ups from reaching out to break their fall.

– Boots — A good set of riding boots is a great piece of safety equipment your little one should have before setting out for a ride. Motocross boots will protect your child’s feet and shins if they happen to fall off their electric dirt bike.

– Kidney Belt — Dirt bike safety armor has advanced over the years and now it’s not uncommon to see 10 year olds wearing kidney belts. Kidney belts add protection to your kid’s lower back and core.

– Goggles — Electric dirt bike riders of all ages must have riding goggles. Goggles prevent dirt from entering their eyes and help them to focus on controlling their bike.

– Chest and Back Protection — Anyone riding a motorcycle must protect their chest and back. Getting a chest protector that encompasses an integrated core, back, and shoulder protection ensures your loved one can stand up and smile after a somersault.

Wrapping It Up

Purchasing an electric dirt bike for a 10 year old requires utmost thought and research. You can narrow down the process by involving your little one in the decision process as this will be a great approach to foster their interest in the sport. The perfect electric dirt bike is fun and can provide your kid with absolute confidence, excitement, and joy!