Best Electric Motorcycle For 11 Year Olds!

Choosing a good “Electric Motorcycle For 11 Year Olds” could be a daunting experience. Whether you are a motorcycle enthusiast or just getting started with electric bikes; the importance of proper selection cannot be overstated. Below are some important factors to consider before making your final decision.

       Best Electric Motorcycles For 11 Year Olds!

Best Electric Motorcycles For 11 Year Olds! Sturdiness & Durability Maximum Speed Battery Run Time Motor Power Weight Limit Rides Smoothly Good Beginner Bike Braking System Easy For An 11 Year Old To Handle Other Features And Perks Click Here To See More!
Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket 24V Electric Toy Motocross Motorcycle Dirt Bike 14 Mph 40 Minutes 350 Watt Motor 120 lbs. BUILT FOR SMALLER KIDS. Adjustable Riser Handlebars. Easy To Assemble.
Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike 14 Mph 30 Minutes 350 Watt Motor 140 lbs BUILT FOR SMALLER KIDS. Super Quiet. Large Knobby Tires. Great Customer Response. Easy To Assemble. Hand Operated Rear Brake.
Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike 17 Mph 40 Minutes 650 Watt Motor 220 lbs. BUILT FOR LARGER KIDS. Dual Suspension And Riser Handlebars. Large Knobby Tires. Dual Disc Brakes. Great Power For Uphill Riding.
Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike 15 Mph 40 Minutes 500 Watt Motor 175 lbs. BUILT FOR MEDIUM SIZE KIDS. Dual Suspension. Riser Handlebars. Dual Disc Brakes.
Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike 15 Mph 40 Minutes 500 Watt Motor 175 lbs. BUILT FOR MEDIUM SIZE KIDS. Dual Suspension And Riser Handlebars. Large Knobby Tires. Hand Operated Dual Disc Brakes.


What Features To Look For When Getting A Good Electric Motorcycle For 11 Year Olds!

An electric motorcycle unlike its gas-powered counterpart, can come with some real advantages such as fuel efficiency, and noise reduction. It’s also an ideal pick for anyone craving instant acceleration without the mechanical complexity of a gas-powered engine. Biking is a fun factor that’s more prevalent among the young generation and every 11-year old kid would appreciate a good ride. Biking can improve your kid’s sense of adventure. It’s also a good way of introducing healthy activities and virtues to your children at a young age.

  • How It’s Powered

Different electric bikes have different ways in which they are powered. Some of them have a combination of an electric throttle, manual pedaling and pedal assist modes. If your kid isn’t interested in pedaling, make sure the bike can propel itself easily with just a throttle.

  • The Make Of The Battery And Bike’s Range

The battery is an important part of an electric motorcycle. It’s an energy reserve that gives electrical power to the engine. Range, on the other hand, is the distance the bike will go on one full charge of the battery. A perfect combination of the two is probably the most valued aspect of every e-bike. The range of an electric motorcycle depends on several factors such as; the battery capacity, the weight of the biker, speed, percentage of pedaling power and the profile/topography of the commuting tour.

It’s highly recommended to choose a bike with a slightly higher range than what you actually need since the latter keeps depreciating as the battery ages & losses its capacity. The battery should also be from a reputable manufacturer that has withstand the tests of time and weight of criticism in the market.

  • How Much Weight Can It Support?

Every electric motorcycle for 11 year olds is built to support up to a given weight limit. Most electric bike manufactures lower the limit by roughly 50 lbs than the actual maximum limit to ensure reliability. Before heading to the market, make sure you know the weight of your child. A heavier rider would easily wear down the bike and this could damage it.

  • Motor Mount

There are two major types of motor mounting for electric motorcycles. One is the motor mounted on one of the wheels as a hub motor assist and the other type is where a motor is mounted at the crank & pedal as a crank motor assist. The latter is usually mounted at the bottom of the frame and allows the electronic controls and sensors to detect the pedaling speed hence providing the needed assistance where necessary. Crank assisted bikes usually do best on steep hills but are a bit noisy while hub motors are less noisy but don’t handle the hills well.


"Moto" electric motorcycle for 11 year olds


What Basic Safety Equipment Should You Get Your 11-Year-Old?

Your kid’s safety should be your number one priority when it comes to biking. The physical stimulation and excitement of owning a bike shouldn’t blind your 11-year-old from observing all the safety precautions. The work of a parent is to purchase the most relevant and appropriate safety and protective equipment and to ensure they are used accordingly during the ride. Here is a quick overview of some of the essential motorcycle protective gear.

  • Helmet

A bike helmet is more of a necessity as far as road safety is a concern. For the first time, it could be uncomfortable but after regular practice, it’s going to be the norm and riding without it will feel awkward. The helmet has to be of the right size; it should sit squarely on the head with no rakish angles and should meet the minimum safety standards.

  • Riding Boots

Leather boots with a bit of heel for hanging on the pegs and no laces are highly preferred. They should also be high enough to protect more of the legs and often integrate with a full riding suit. Such boots help protect your kid’s legs and toes while negotiating corners or on a bumpy ride.

  • Gloves And Goggles

Gloves protect the palm of the hands in case of a fall and also from compression stress from the handlebars especially on long rides. Some gloves have also been designed to offer additional comfort with fur lined on the inner surface and this will keep your kid warm when riding at high speed or during winter.

Washable gloves could be your best bet for the summer. A pair of separate googles could be necessary depending on the type of helmet you have. There’s a wide variety to choose from including the old-school models with leather straps and round lenses. Just make sure you’re buying something safety-wise and more compact than the sports-style sunglasses.

  • Mouthguards

A good choice of a riding mouth guard should have central vents to allow for spitting, and mouth breathing. It should stabilize the jaw by engaging both the lower and upper teeth and offer a form of mechanical protection to the teeth and jaws in case of a fall.

  • Chest Armor And Jacket

Chest armor should be made of some dense but flexible material preferably covering both the back and front. This armor is quite vital in protecting the body’s most delicate organs in case your kid goes head over heels. A classic motorcycle jacket is another necessity that will not only keep your kid safe but also let him enjoy the very moment. A scooter-style jacket will serve the need of reducing abrasions and for more protection, armored jackets are also available.

Staying safe on the road is more about making the right decisions, this protective gear will go a long way in keeping your kid fit and safe every time he/she is on the bike.