Childrens Battery Quad Bikes Guide!

Quad bikes and ATVs are much-loved vehicles for adventurous types. Groups of friends can explore forests and beaches in tough, all-terrain machines. But, quad biking isn’t exclusively reserved for adults. There are also some great, miniaturized electric vehicles for children. These “Childrens Battery Quad Bikes” provide a great opportunity for kids to learn how to ride and emulate their parents.

They can take them out over different types of terrain and join in the fun. However, this is only possible in a well-made machine that can go the distance. Therefore, you need to ensure that the children’s battery quad bike you get has the best specifications!


                Best Childrens Battery Quad Bikes!

{NOTE: The First 5 Are More “Toy-Like” And The Following 5 Are More “Realistic“}

Best Childrens Battery Quad Bikes! Sturdiness & Durability Speeds Battery Power Tires Battery Run Time Can Drive Over Different Types Of Terrain Abd Surfaces Weight Limit Easy For Children To Drive And Control Ease Of Assembly Other Features & Perks Click Here To See More!
Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw Ride-on Vehicle 2 Forward ( 2.5 mph & 5 mph) + Reverse 12 Volt Plastic Approx. 2 hours. (Depends on chosen speed,) 85 lbs. MORE TOY LIKE - Accelerator Pedal with Automatic Brakes
Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX, Green 2 Forward ( 3 mph & 6 mph) + Reverse 12 Volt Plastic Approx. 30 Minutes to 1 hour. (Depends on chosen speed.) 65 lbs MORE TOY LIKE - Realistic ATV Styling. Power Lock Brake System - (Automatically stops the vehicle when the child's hand leaves the throttle.)
Costzon Ride on ATV Quad 4 Wheeler, 12V Kids Electric Car, ATV Quad with High/Low Speed MP3 Battery Powered 2 Forward ( 2.5 km/h & 7 km/h) + Reverse 12 Volt Plastic Approx. 1 hour. (Depends on chosen speed.) 88 lbs. MORE TOY LIKE - Foot Pedal To Control Speed. Digital Audio Player Input. Extra Wide Tires. Dual Motors.
Power Wheels Kawasaki Brute Force 2 Forward ( 2.5 mph & 5 mph) + Reverse 12 Volt Plastic Approx. 30 Minutes to 1 hour. (Depends on chosen speed.) 65 lbs. MORE TOY LIKE - Realistic ATV Styling. Power Lock Brake System - (Automatically stops the vehicle when the child's hand leaves the throttle.)
Power Wheels Hot Wheels Kawasaki KFX 2 Forward ( 2.5 mph & 5 mph) + Reverse 12 Volt Plastic Approx. 30 Minutes to 1 hour. (Depends on chosen speed.) 65 lbs. MORE TOY LIKE - Realistic ATV Styling. Power Lock Brake System - (Automatically stops the vehicle when the child's hand leaves the throttle.)
FamilyGoKarts Sport 500W Kids Electric ATV Quad w/3 speed settings plus reverse 3 Forward (9 mph, 15 mph, 18 mph) + Reverse 36 Volt Rubber Approx. 2 hours. 140 lbs. MORE REALISTIC - Pneumatic Knobby Off Road Tires. Full Suspension. Disc Brakes. 500 Watt Motor.
Kids Electric ATV 4 Wheeler Quad 36V 500W Boys & Girls 3 Forward (5 mph, 9 mph, 13 mph) + Reverse 36 Volt Rubber Approx. 2-3 hours. 90 lbs. MORE REALISTIC - 500 Watt Motor. All Terrain Rubber Tires. Shock Absorbent Suspension Package. Front & Rear Disc Brakes.
Razor Dirt Quad - Black Forward (10-14 mph) NO REVERSE (2) 12 Volt Batteries = 24 Volts Rubber Approx. 40 minutes to 1 hour. 120 lbs. MORE REALISTIC - Terrain Tracing Droop Travel Rear Suspension. 350 Watt Motor. Adjustable Riser Handlebars.
Outdoor Kids Children Titan 24V Green Mini Quad ATV Electric Battery Powered 2 Forward (5 mph & 10 mph) + Reverse (2) 12 Volt Batteries = 24 Volts Rubber Approx. 1 - 2 hours. 150 lbs. MORE REALISTIC. - 350 Watt Motor. Front & Rear Suspension. Twist Throttle With Safety Foot Switch.
Rosso Motors Kids ATV Kids Quad 4 Wheeler Ride On Utility with 800W 36V Battery Forward (Top Speed = 13 mph + Reverse) 36 Volt Rubber Approx. 2 hours. 90 lbs. MORE REALISTIC - Disc Brakes. 800 Watt Motor. Dual LED Lights


What Features Should You Look For In The Best Childrens Battery Quad Bikes?

There are some important factors to consider when choosing a new battery powered quad bike for your child. They include the following:

1) The lifespan of the battery and it’s power;
2) The size of the bike;
3) The off-road capabilities;
4) The authenticity of the experience;
5) The general look of the bike;

The Battery:

The battery is the best place to start because you are choosing electric power over gas. The longer the battery life, the further you can go. The worst case scenario would be heading out in the countryside and the battery dying miles from home. A good battery also means that extra features and higher speeds shouldn’t drain the power too quickly. Also look at the average charge time to see how long it takes to reach full power after it dies.

The Size:

This is just as important as the battery. One of the worst things that you can do is give kids a quad bike that is too big or too powerful. This means there is a higher risk of them losing control and potentially injuring themselves and others. The bike must be a comfortable size where they can climb aboard and reach all the pedals and controls with ease. Look out for age ratings, but remember that they are simply a basic guide. Also check online reviews from previous owners to get honest opinions and experiences.

The Off-Road Capabilities:

Remember that kids aren’t after a quad bike style machine just to ride up and down the street. They want to copy adults and head out over rougher terrain. The choice of location is entirely up to you and your child’s driving skill. Yet, they are only going to get so far without adequate tread and suspension. Large tires with a good grip mean safety on different surfaces and inclines. A good suspension softens the blow if they hit a bump too fast.

The Authenticity:

What we mean by this is the way that the model replicates the feel and experience of adult quad bikes. This is more difficult in an electric model than a gas powered one, as these machines are a bit more gentle and quiet. Still, there are some models that use electric sounds and other gadgets to mimic the “real” thing.

The Look:

Finally, there is the design of the bike. The features above are more important when it comes to the performance and safety of the machine. Still, kids need to be “attracted” to the bike in order to want to ride it. Once you narrow down your choices based on the specification, give your child the final say over the style and color choice.

red and white childrens battery quad bikes

Why Should You Start Your Children Off With An Electric Quad Bike Instead Of A Gas Quad Bike?

Some of the features above bring up a few downsides to buying childrens battery quad bikes. The first is the battery life and the time it takes to charge the vehicle. If the battery dies, playtime is over for a period. Then there is that need to replicate the authentic experience with those fake noises. Some parents will therefore question whether a gas powered model is a better choice. Gas quad bikes are more convenient in some ways, but they have other downsides. These disadvantages include:

1) the emissions
2) the noise
3) the cost of the fuel
4) maintenance issues


The Emissions:

Electric quad bikes for kids are simply cleaner and safer. Many parents will be more secure in the knowledge that their child isn’t breathing in toxic fumes from the exhaust. It is also a much greener approach for the neighborhood, as you don’t want to be responsible for damaging local air quality.

The Noise:

Gas powered quad bikes are noisier than their electric counterparts. This is why there is that need to add some sound effects to some products. The noise may be appealing to some “petrolhead” consumers, but it doesn’t always go down well with the neighbors. Kids can ride electric quad bikes to their heart’s content and not disturb anyone.

The Fuel Costs:

Gas powered models aren’t always the cheapest option around. Buyers need to be sure that their kids will make the most out of them. The cost of fuel doesn’t really help when trying to budget for the best model. This could get expensive for frequent weekend trips to the country.

Maintenance Costs:

Finally, the overall cost of buying a gas kid’s quad bike only increases when you add in maintenance expenses. It takes a little love and care to keep these machines running smoothly. The best bikes are miniature versions of adult models after all. Electric machines are much cheaper to maintain by comparison. Take your time to find the best of these childrens battery quad bikes for your child.

The issues listed above showcase the benefits of an electric quad bike compared to gas powered models. As a parent, you can enjoy greater peace of mind about the safety of your child and the sanity of your neighbors. Electric bikes aren’t without their faults, but the best models can provide a great experience for children new to this outdoor pursuit.

That is why it is important to compare and contrast available models. Once you have narrowed the options down by size and age range, take a closer look at the capabilities of the battery, the tires, the speed options and the design. Little details in the specifications could seal the deal.

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