Echoslap Vintage Crate Cajon -Vintage American Flag, Hand Crafted, Siam Oak Body, Plus Gig Back

$165.00 (as of July 19, 2018, 8:09 am) $149.00

God Bless America! The Vintage Crate Cajon looks like an old shipping crate and is inspired from the Original, Old World, South American Instrument. The Vintage Dark Wood Grain Finish on the Siam Oak Body and Dynamic, Vintage American Flag Maple Front Plate will Inspire your Music on Stage or in the Studio. These original designs of the Echoslap Percussion Cajons are brought to you by CNZ Audio. On top of the Awesomeness, a Free Gig Bag Carrying Case Included!
The Adjustable Snare wires cross the the Cajon face 4 times to fine tune your Snare Tone-Wrench Included. The Adjustable Corner Screws give you full control of the Snap in your Slap. The Solid Bass Tones of the Siam Oak Body Creates a RIch Sound!
This Full Size Cajon is Individually Hand Crafted and Hand Adjusted by musicians for Superior sound to Inspire Your Music! The Endless combinations of Snare, Slap and Bass Tones created in different locations on the Face of the Cajon make it a Virtual Drumset in a Box!

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