Best Half Size Electric Guitar Guide!


There is no time too soon to start teaching your child about the wonders of music! By learning at a young age, they are at a strong advantage compared to children who learn in their teens and it offers them a hobby they can really sink their teeth into.
Playing an instrument also opens creativity as children are prone to picking up new skills quickly and these will stay with them as they grow. Getting the “Best Half Size Electric Guitar” is a wonderful way to get them started, and it never goes out of style!

        Best Half Size Electric Guitar Comparison Chart!

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Important Reasons To Get The Best Half Size Electric Guitar!

Why is it important to start your child off with a half size guitar? – To put it simply, a full size guitar is too overwhelming for most young children to bare. Given that a lot of adults struggle to reach some of the chords needed in playing particular songs, it’s unrealistic to expect a child to be able to achieve such tasks successfully.
A half size electric guitar however, is ideal. The smaller stature of the guitar does not affect the final result of the song being played. It simply makes it easier for the child to learn. Plus, these can be transitioned onto full sized guitars when they become of a suitable age to do so.
A lot of parents assume that due to the smaller stature of a Ukulele, than this is a better instrument for their children to start learning. Now, this isn’t to say the Ukulele is the wrong choice of instrument, but it shouldn’t be confused with a small guitar.
The two are completely different instruments and just because they are played in a similar fashion, it does not mean that the chords and tabs for songs will necessarily transcend exactly across the instruments.
There is an excellent selection of resources and method books that are aimed specifically at young children regarding their electric guitar learning experience. There is also a variety of online resources and `how to` videos that can make learning a cheap overall experience as long as you have patience and some supporting strategies, and that your child is willing and passionate about learning to play.
boy testing guitars out to find the best half size electric guitar

What To Look For When Getting The Best Half Size Electric Guitar For Your Child?

Choosing the the best half size electric guitar for your child is important, and it isn’t as easy as just picking the one they like in store. By getting pre-informed and researching online, you can make sure you are making the right choice to offer your child the best learning experience.
Studies have shown that if a person takes playing an instrument seriously, it is normally hinged on the first few months of them learning to play. So having an instrument they like is vital, but it also has to be one that is practical.
This fact comes into play with children due to the fact that some kids find paying attention to something for long periods of time difficult, but learning to play the electric guitar can actually aid this behavior for better development in the future.
It is important to consider the weight of the guitar before making a purchase. Electric guitars are generally much smaller than steel-string acoustic guitars, and classical guitars, which make them an ideal introduction into guitars for children.
Electric guitars are available in a broad range of sizes for entry-level stage learners and children. Good online resources will be able to offer solid advice based on the age and size of your child to find the guitar that suits their needs best! By taking height and age, and even in some cases gender, into consideration, personal recommendations can be offered to help your child feel committed to the instrument before they even begin playing! This can add an excitement to the overall process, right from the very beginning!
As this is a beginner’s guitar, you don’t want to spend a huge amount on the instrument in case the learning doesn’t quite catch on. Also, because eventually your child will grow out of this guitar and need a full size, there isn’t much point in spending the big bucks.
This isn’t to say you can’t find a decent half size electric guitar for a decent price, you don’t need to spend a fortune on this and neither would you want to, as any new hobby is a risk. A good idea is to look at reviews for cheaper alternatives to the big brand guitars.
This way, your child can get a feel of the instrument and you can make an educated judgement on how much to spend, based on how much excitement and commitment they offer to the instrument.
Zeny Half Size Guitar - best half size electric guitar

How Half Size Electric Guitars Are Used In Many Different Styles Of Music!

Investing in the best half size electric guitar and investing time in helping your child learn to play it, means they not only learn a new skill, but they are opened to the possibilities of learning about new music.
The electric guitar is responsible for a heap of music genres, and transcends from all sides of music dimensions. This goes all the way from rock and roll, rock, metal, rhythm and blues, scar-punk, punk, indie and jazz!
This means your child can learn music from all walks of generations! They can learn music from The Foo Fighters, Guns and Roses, and Fleetwood Mac, the list is endless!
This also offers your child the wonderful opportunity to expand their tastes to friends and form new friendships as they grow, which can often be based on musical interest and ability.
Learning to play the electric guitar at a young age offers your child a wonderful chance to succeed and become creative with a new ability, that they are able to become more skilful at as they grow and progress.
When they reach high school, they can venture into further music classes that can further expand their music knowledge and will offer them the chance to pass on their musical knowledge to others who are just starting out.
There are no down sides to supporting your child in learning an instrument, ensure they take time out as often as possible to put into playing the guitar and it will pay off. The only down side we can think of is the noise might keep you awake as they get more involved! And if they grow to start a band, well…we can only apologize for the noise levels!