What Is The Best Guitar For A 6 Year Old?


Studies indicate that in the first years of life, a child’s brain develops at a very fast rate. Early experiences stimulate their brains, consequently causing growth. This period forms the basis in which learning, health and behavior are founded. In early years, learning is mostly through play and therefore, any form of learning including playing a guitar should be as interesting as possible. Thus, getting the “Best Guitar For A 6 Year Old” is a very important step.

You should consider various aspects such as the size of the guitar and the type. There are different types including the electric, bass, classical, and acoustic. Some people may tell you, “just walk into a guitar shop, the attendants will know what you need.” It doesn’t always work that way. One important thing to note is that getting the wrong guitar may cripple your child’s motivation to learn in the present time, and also in their adulthood.

If you are thinking of buying a guitar for your 6 year old, do not fret as this article highlights important aspects that will enable you to make the right purchase!


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Why Size Is Important In The Best Guitar For A 6 Year Old!

In 6 year olds, size is the most vital factor since it directly affects their ability and also their motivation to play. Some people will say, go for a smaller guitar. The latter maybe true since most 6 year olds have smaller hands thus a small guitar will enable them to reach to the end of the guitar’s neck and to also cloak their little fingers around the equipment to play sounds.

The most important thing to consider in regards to size is the amount of inches in length. You basically have your 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch and full size.

This Guitar Size Table below details some measurements to consider:

For General Purposes:

4 Years Of Age = 21 inch guitar (1/4 size) or 30 to 31 inch guitar (1/2 size)
5 to 6 Years Of Age = 30 to 31 inch guitar (1/2 size)
7 to 9 Years of Age = 34 inch guitar (3/4 size)
10 to 12 Years of Age = 38 to 39 inch guiitar (semi-full size)
13 and over = 41 inch guitar (full size)


girl in pigtails playing the best guitar for a 6 year old

Things To Look For When Getting The Best Guitar For A 6 Year Old:

Apart from size, there are other important aspects which your should look out for.


1. The Type Of Guitar:

There are different types here, all of which have been mentioned before. Among the three; electric, acoustic and classical guitar, most providers recommend the classical guitar. This is based on the notion that it’s strings can be easier on the delicate fingers of 6 year olds. But the Nylon Strings of beginner acoustic guitars are actually the most delicate and painless strings.

One important thing to note however is that all guitars cause fingers to become sore, whether in adults or in children after the first lessons. So, instead of playing it safe, go for an equipment that corresponds to your child’s interest. For instance, if your child wants to be a rock star, then buy an electric guitar.


2. The Manufacturers:


Sometimes things such as money shortages or accessibility may hinder us as parents to get the best of what the markets can offer. It’s worth noting that cheap is always inexpensive. But a good piece of equipment may last you a lifetime.

So if you want to close the guitar purchasing chapter for a little while, always go for the best quality. Here, you can shop around online, look for reviews or also contact the providers before making a purchase.




awesome acoustic santana guitar for 6 year old - best guitar for a 6 year old


3. Appearance:


As mentioned before, any form of learning in a child’s environment should be as interesting as possible. When getting the best guitar for a 6 year old, appearance does matters. Most kids prefer guitars with a little extra something, let’s say color.

You should consider your kids preference before making a purchase. Before making buying a guitar, I would like to recommend that you let your kid have a say. Let them help you in picking the instrument. It is very important for your kid to like the instrument otherwise the whole shopping experience would be in vain.


4. Your Budget:


Even though quality matters, it always comes with a hefty price. We all want the best for our kids, which is why we go for good quality brands. In some cases however, going for the best may negatively affect our pockets.

Don’t purchase something that will affect you in the long run. If you can afford an expensive brand, then go for it. If you can’t, go for budget brands. The good thing is that kids grow very fast. You may need to buy another guitar within a short period. So, if a cheaper one serves the intended purpose fully, then go for it. Always remember that when buying musical instruments, the price is not always a sure indicator of quality.



blue and black electric guitar


Electric Guitar Uses:

Even though they are a little bit expensive, electric guitars are to a certain extent easier to play than their counterparts since they require a lighter touch. They are thus good for kids. Unlike their foils, electric guitars use one or more pickups to convert their strings vibration into music. Due to this feature, they are used in many styles of music.

To start with, rock groups and pop music use them as both rhythm guitar and lead guitar. Due to their ability of producing a mass amount of sounds and styles, they are used in blues and country music. They are also used in rock and roll music, metal and electric blues among others. Generally, their outstanding features make their applications endless.

If your 6 year old has a more energetic appearance and personality, you may decide to get an electric guitar.

In conclusion, buying a guitar for a 6 year old is not as easy as one would think. I know you would wish to acquire an equipment that would not only motivate your child but also serve it’s purpose to the fullest. I have mentioned the important aspects to consider including , type, size, appearance, and your budget. Use the above tips in order to make the right purchase!