What Size Guitar Is Right For A 9 Year Old?


So, why is it that the right sized guitar makes it much easier for a nine year old to adapt to playing guitar?

The first reason is that young kids have smaller hands and it will be a challenge to stretch their hands to reach the end of a full sized guitar, let alone wrapping their small fingers around the neck to play music. For instance with full size acoustic guitars, most of them are built with large bodies, and a  large-sized guitar may be too bulky for kids to handle, and given that kids are at the first stages of learning guitar, the large size can be a demotivating factor.

To keep your child from being frustrated at the initial stages of learning guitar, choosing the right size and even going for fine details such as an appropriate neck is a must. With the right sized instrument, your kid will be able to learn effectively. It will not pose physical difficulties for your child. Handling the guitar will be made much easier.

Determining “What Size Guitar Is Right For A 9 Year Old” is extremely important as it provides them with the comfort they need while learning to play music. With a comfortable instrument, practicing will be much more welcomed and enjoyable!


     Most Recommended Appropriate Size Guitars For 9 Year Olds!

Most Recommended Appropriate Size Guitars For 9 Year Olds! Real Playable Working Guitar Easy For 9 Year Olds To Handle And Play Actual Length Good Sounding Guitar Good To Learn On Real Musical Value Other Features And Benefits Click Here To See More!
Classical Kit 1 NA 3/4 Size Classical Acoustic Guitar 36.5 Inches All strings are nylon, but 3 strings are covered with copper wire. About half the price of other guitars of the same quality.
Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar 34 Inches Spruce top. Nato neck. Rosewood fingerboard and meranti body.
RST 3/4 EB Short Scale Blue Guitar Pack 36.75 Inches Gig bag. Amp. Strap. Guitar cable. Guitar tuner.
Protege by Cordoba C100M 3/4 Size Classical Guitar with Gig Bag and Tuner 36 Inches Digital clip on tuner. Gig bag.
Classical Guitar Set HUA WIND 36" inch 3/4 Size Starter Classical Acoustic Guitar with Gig bag,Picks, Strings, Polishing Cloth 36 Inches Gig Bag. Picks. Polishing cloth.


When deciding to make a purchase, it may be a good idea to ask for their input and include them in your search for their new guitar. Many retailers offer color and style choices so your kid can pick just the right guitar to suit their personality.

How To Determine The Right Sized Guitar For Your 9 Year Old!

Determining the right size of guitar for your child as mentioned earlier is dependent on the height and age of your child, age and height form the basics. Our “Guitar Size Chart” below will give you a better idea.


Guitar Size Chart:

4 Years Of Age = 21 inch guitar (1/4 size) or 30 to 31 inch guitar (1/2 size)
5 to 6 Years Of Age = 30 to 31 inch guitar (1/2 size)
7 to 9 Years of Age = 34 inch guitar (3/4 size) or 36 inch guitar
10 to 12 Years of Age = 38 to 39 inch guitar (semi-full size)
13 and over = 41 inch guitar (full size)

The underlying factor in determining the right sized guitar for your 9 year old child is comfortability. If your child is comfortable with playing a given size meaning he or she can wrap their hands around the sound box and can stretch their hands to comfortably reach the guitar neck then you are good to go.


acoustic guitar for a 9 Year old



Introducing Music Into A 9 Year Old’s Life:

Helping your children learn to play guitar will help you introduce music into their life. Playing guitar will also help you bring more joy in the form of entertainment as well as providing something to pass their free time.

Playing guitar will not only keep your kids entertained, but also provides an excellent outlet or channel for expressing their feelings.

Playing will help your kid develop his/her mental capabilities, you will not believe it unless you try it, but a long guitar practice session enhances your mental capacity. The act of trying to interpret a piece of music awakens parts of the brain that delight in asking questions and solving problems. Once your kids have settled down to a serious study of guitar music, they will find that organizing guitar practice, finding time in their day for restringing their guitar, and learning new music will have taught them so much about obligation and discipline.

Learning to play guitar will also help you instill a sense of responsibility in your kid, guitars need maintenance that ranges from cleaning and even oiling some parts of the guitar. Learning guitar skills can also help your kids increase their memory skills, coordination, and comprehension.


zeny electric guitar for a 9 year old



An Electric Guitar?

For their first guitar, many kids gravitate toward wanting an electric. Without a doubt, there’s a certain coolness to banging out power chords on an electric ala’ Pete Townsend of the Who or Angus Young of AC/DC. Also, for kids, electric guitars are more comfortable to lean on and hold up better than a hollow body acoustic due to their robust body construction.

Numerous kids would love to know how to play the guitar as it’s cool and in vogue. By and large, parents may disallow their youngsters from doing so because of the cost included. The uplifting news is that there are many “second hand guitars” that are available for families that are on a budget.


Tips On Choosing a Second Hand Guitar For A 9 Year Old:

1. It’s fundamental that you check all aspects of the instrument  before making a purchase. Especially guarantee that the neck of the guitar isn’t bent. The least complicated approach to do this is by checking the strings to perceive how intently they are being fixed to the fuse board. If the lines are tied too closely to the fuss load up, and it leaves a significant hole in the center, this implies that the neck is distorted. Playing a twisted guitar can be very cumbersome given that the situating of the hand on the strings is hard.

2. Other than investigating the neck of the guitar, we likewise need to check the front and back of the instrument. Recognizing a couple of scratches on the device is standard, yet if they get too profound, you will see some important checks around the edges which demonstrate the instrument wasn’t taken care of properly.

3.  Verify whether the electric guitar can still be connected to a speaker. During constant use, plugs as well as receptacles can actually become so worn that the connection can no longer be properly made.


Scale Length:

When buying an electric guitar, scale length is more critical than body size as most electrics are relatively narrow and compact. Scale length is the length between the bridge of the guitar and the nut, the area at the edge of the finger near the tuning pegs.

For younger children in the 4-8-year-old range, a scale length of about 22.7 inches is a good fit. Although some electric guitars come in scale lengths down to 22.2 inches, the extra length will keep your child from outgrowing the guitar too soon. For comparison, adult full-size guitars such as the Fender Stratocaster have a scale length of 25.75 inches while Gibson Guitars are an inch shorter.

Although the recommended scale length for kids is only a few inches less, this can make a significant variation in a child’s ability to play, especially if the fingerboard is a bit narrower for natural forming chords.