What Size Guitar Is Right For An 8 Year Old!


Getting the right sized guitar for an 8 year-old is very important, especially if it’s his/her first one. Remember, your 8 year-old is still a kid, so it may be difficult for him to play a guitar made for adults. He may become frustrated and stop playing altogether because he may not be able to reach all the way to the end of the neck or wrap his little fingers around it to make the proper sounds.

A kid enjoying what he is doing will keep on repeating it. Guitar playing must not feel like such a struggle to kids, but something fun to do. 8 year olds get bored or annoyed easily, so the easier you make it for them, the more they are willing to learn how to play the guitar. If they feel they are comfortable holding the instrument and playing it at their leisure, then you can almost guarantee that they will adapt to playing guitar.

With this, both of you may enjoy doing something together in your spare time, perhaps creating a small family band and encouraging your 8 year old to play during family gatherings to show off their newly acquired skills. Our “Guitar Size Chart” below should give you a good idea to help determine What Size Guitar Is Right For An 8 Year Old?


Guitar Size Chart:

4 Years Of Age = 21 inch guitar (1/4 size) or 30 to 31 inch guitar (1/2 size)
5 to 6 Years Of Age = 30 to 31 inch guitar (1/2 size)
7 to 9 Years of Age = 34 inch guitar (3/4 size) or 36 inch guitar
10 to 12 Years of Age = 38 to 39 inch guiitar (semi-full size)
13 and over = 41 inch guitar (full size


Most Recommended Appropriate Size Guitars For 8 Year Olds!

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CNBLUE 3/4 Size Classical Acoustic Guitar 36 inch Nylon Strings Guitar for Beginners Kid Guitar 36 Inches Gig bag. 2 picks. Cleaning cloth.
Protege by Cordoba C100M 3/4 Size Classical Guitar with Gig Bag and Tuner 36 Inches Digital clip on tuner. Gig bag.
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Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar 35.5 Inches Spruce top. Nato neck. Rosewood fingerboard and meranti body.


How to Determine What Size Guitar Is Right For An 8 Year Old!

The first thing you need to do is to determine what type of guitar you will be getting for your child. Classical, Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar. The most viable option would be any guitar that is the best to learn on and is the most comfortable to play. Some starter guitars have nylon strings, making it easier for your children to play as the strings are softer.

Gauge your 8 year old’s personality first. If you think they are a right fit for it, then go for it. They may have more fun with it in the process. You can also ask them what they would prefer. You can talk to them about it and research the differences among the three, and then let them decide which one they would prefer to use. The more interested they are about their instrument, the more reason for them to keep playing it.

Now that you’ve picked out the type of guitar your child will use, it’s time to determine the size of guitar your 8 year old will need. Sometimes, there are charts online that provides information about the size of guitars they can get corresponding to their age. But there are cases where kids may be too small or too big for their age, so it’s always best to know the actual dimensions of any guitar that is a likely prospect.

Usually, the two most important aspects of picking the size are the child’s height and age. Again, there should be charts available for this, so you can consult it if you really need to so you can determine the right size for them.

If you feel that your 8 year old is larger than normal, then you can opt to get the size that is the next step up in age. But if your child is smaller in size, then you may decide to get the size that is the next step down in age. But if you’re planning on surprising your kid, then it’s best you know their measurements so you can determine the best size for them. Just consult the Guitar Size Chart that is available.

Also, buy from a reputable online store so you will get your money’s worth.


girl playing a guitar that is the perfect size for an 8 year old



How Guitar Playing Can Keep Your 8 Year Old Entertained As Well As Giving Them Something Constructive To Do.


Playing the guitar can keep your kids entertained if they are comfortable with playing the instrument and at the same time they are having
fun doing it. But most kids normally enjoy learning a new instrument, especially if they can show it off to their friends or loved ones. Playing the guitar can help boost their confidence and it gives them an outlet for their creativity.

You never know if your kid might be musically inclined, meaning they are naturally pre-disposed to writing songs or creating their own music. If not, then it’s a good way for them to let loose some pent-up energy. After all, playing a musical instrument can be beneficial for  your 8-year-old’s brain. It will also give them something else to do rather than playing video games all day. It provides them other ways of entertaining themselves other than the TV, computer or mobile phone/tablets.

It’s also a way for you to bond together. You can teach them songs you know, provide them some advice on how to become a better guitar player or make it a gateway instrument for learning others as well like the bass or drums. The more diverse activities your 8-year-old has, the more healthy it is for him or her. You never know, you may be harnessing the talent of the next Van Halen or Santana.

Your child will be able to talk about different topics to their friends, and even encourage them into trying it out with them. This will be an opportunity to enroll your 8 year old to some guitar lessons, much better if they can convince their friends as well. But even if their friends are not into it, it should be fine. If that’s the case, he or she still has the opportunity to meet new people who have their same interests. It’s always a good thing to put your child into social situations so they will learn to adapt themselves to new environments by discovering how awesome learning new things is.

There are so many benefits this can bring to your 8-year-old, so as much as possible, try to get them into it. Remember, the first major step to help your 8-year-old enjoy playing the guitar is to get them the right type and size. From there on out it should be easy for them to fall in love with learning to play this wonderful instrument!



back and front view of a guitar for an 8 year old - what is the right size guitar for an 8 year old




Look No Further Than The Guitar As A Great Hobby!

For parents looking for a great hobby to keep their children occupied, they should look no further than the guitar. Music is an excellent way to enrich your child’s life by helping them learn an appreciation for the arts. It will keep them occupied and out of trouble with a hobby that is truly fun to do. It can help increase a child’s confidence level dramatically as they develop their skills, and show off what they’ve accomplished.

Best of all it’s something that can stay with them for years to come. Beginning guitar is easier than you may realize, here are a few things to consider when starting your child out.



electric guitar for an 8 year old - what is the right size guitar for an 8 year old


Maybe An Electric Guitar?

Most kids are more than happy to learn guitar. With images of rock stars and even the success of video games like guitar hero, they’re more than eager to start. One of the first decisions you’re faced with is what kind of guitar to get them. An electric guitar has a lot of benefits for those just beginning guitar and can help them stick with it. If you think that an electric guitar will be loud, then you forget one important thing, headphones.

The guitar itself is plugged directly into a guitar amp, which in itself can be turned up to a loud volume. While this may seem like a parent’s worst nightmare, it can easily be solved. By plugging in a pair of headphones, your child can get all the benefits without the excess noise. This can also help a child who may not be confident in their abilities at first from feeling embarrassed if they mess up.

An electric guitar is also much easier for a child when beginning guitar. This is mainly due to the design of the instrument itself. Compared to a steel string acoustic, the strings are much thinner and easier to press down. When first starting out your stamina will not be as high as a seasoned guitar player, but it will get there with time and practice. This is one of the biggest reasons why kids who start to learn guitar quit. It can be frustrating just getting the mechanics of playing down, much less putting it all together in a song.

This is where the role of the parent or guardian comes in. It’s important to encourage a child when they’re first beginning guitar. Every small step is an achievement and took time an effort to get there. Being supportive when they show frustration, and praise, when they learn something new, will ensure that they will stick with it. It may seem easy when you see other people playing guitar, but behind every great player was, most likely, the support of their friends and family.

It’s important to find a constructive hobby for our kids to occupy their time. Guiding them towards a deeper appreciation of music will help them be a better-rounded person. Getting a child to want to play guitar is not the hard part, keeping them interested can take some effort. Beginning guitar is sometimes frustrating, but overall it is a rewarding experience for kids!