Best Guitar For A 9 Year Old!


Kids are a funny bunch, and their interests and wants are constantly changing at a young age. By the time they reach the age of about nine, however, they are a lot more confident in the things they like, and those they dislike. It’s the sort of age where kids start to branch out of their comfort zone and begin to explore new things.

This is a pivotal time in their development, and they will develop interests and showcase talents that you need to nurture. This sort of time in their lives is fun and exciting, and you get to be a big part of that!

One of the biggest steps a kid will take around the age of 9 is to start demonstrating an interest in music outside of listening to Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber. In fact, they may well even start to show an interest in learning a musical instrument. Well, we think one of the best instruments to start your kid off with from a young age is the guitar. It looks cool, sounds great, and it’s not overly complicated to pick up the basics. But, how do you find the “Best Guitar For A 9 Year Old“, and why is it so important for them to play? Find out more by reading on below!


                                 Best Guitars For A 9 Year Old!

Best Guitars For A 9 Year Old! Real Playable Working Guitar Easy For 9 Year Olds To Handle And Play Actual Length Good Sounding Guitar Good To Learn On Real Musical Value Other Features And Benefits Click Here To See More!
Classical Guitar Set HUA WIND 36" inch 3/4 Size Starter Classical Acoustic Guitar with Gig bag,Picks, Strings, Polishing Cloth 36 Inches Gig Bag. Picks. Polishing cloth.
Protege by Cordoba C100M 3/4 Size Classical Guitar with Gig Bag and Tuner 36 Inches Digital clip on tuner. Gig bag.
RST 3/4 EB Short Scale Blue Guitar Pack 36.75 Inches Gig bag. Amp. Strap. Guitar cable. Guitar tuner.
Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar Spruce top. Nato neck. Rosewood fingerboard and meranti body.
Classical Kit 1 NA 3/4 Size Classical Acoustic Guitar All strings are nylon, but 3 strings are covered with copper wire. About half the price of other guitars of the same quality.


Guitar Size Table:


4 Years Of Age = 21 inch guitar (1/4 size) or 30 to 31 inch guitar (1/2 size)
5 to 6 Years Of Age = 30 to 31 inch guitar (1/2 size)
7 to 9 Years of Age = 34 inch guitar (3/4 size) or 36 inch guitar
10 to 12 Years of Age = 38 to 39 inch guitar (semi-full size)
13 and over = 41 inch guitar (full size)


Why Is Size So Important When Getting The Best Guitar For A 9 Year Old?

When trying to introduce your 9 year old to the wonderful world of guitars, it’s crucial to make the right choice. You have a big decision to make, and if you get it wrong you could wind up putting them off the guitar for the rest of their lives. We definitely recommend you favor something that is smaller and easier to play. Yes, the best-looking and sounding guitars are generally heavy and wonderfully complex, but it is much smarter to work ourselves up to that level.

Okay, we know that professional musicians have the best equipment, but there will be time for your kids to emulate their idols once they become more proficient. You need to think practically at this stage, and ensure you make the right choice.

The guitar needs to be small enough that a 9 year old is going to be able to hold, maneuver, and carry it with minimal difficulties. Getting a case to go with it is also important, and you’ve got to think hard about making the right decision here. Try to go with one of the smaller sized guitars, designed specifically for kids, or, at the very least, think about going for a Spanish guitar. These smaller models have thicker necks and nylon strings, which make it much easier to play them, and they are less harsh on the finger tips.

"Realsome" - best guitar for a 9 year old



What To Look For When Getting The Best Guitar For A 9 Year Old!

What you need to look for when getting the best guitar for a 9 year old kid will come down to a number of different factors. At first, you need to consider the price range, as well as the make, and your child’s tastes. Choosing a guitar for a nine year old is the kid equivalent of buying a car, or a home. Sure, it’s nowhere near as much of a big deal, but the basic principles are the same.

You have to make sure you are sensible, and that you account for all these different factors when it comes time to make your decision. You shouldn’t just rush in and buy the first guitar you find – make sure you do plenty of research beforehand, and you can choose the right one.

You need to go for something that’s a great make, well-known and dependable, and isn’t going to break the bank. With musical instruments it is true that you get what you pay for, but a 9 year old doesn’t need a $500 guitar just yet. This is going to be the one they learn on, and you will no doubt replace it with another once they get a bit older. Our advice would be to check the “reviews from other consumers” and parents to get some “real” feedback about any particular instrument.



rear and front view of an electric guitar that is the best guitar for a 9 year old

Other Advantages When Getting The Best Guitar For A 9 Year Old!


The advantage of getting a guitar for your 9 year old is clear, and extends well beyond nurturing a hobby. Music is creative, and a wonderful form of expression and a great way to channel feelings and emotions. It provides kids with a fantastic outlet to express how they feel about things, and is a good way of working off some of that aggression they might have. It is also a much healthier and more constructive pastime than things that could get them into trouble.

The creativity and ingenuity they learn from mastering the guitar can also come into play in other areas of their lives. This can boost their performances at school, and help them with problem solving too.

This could develop into a real passion, and they might even start writing their own songs and branching out to maybe forming a band. This opens up even more avenues, as a deep and constructive hobby, but also as a potential career path as well. When you learn, play, and create music, you use parts of your brain you may never have used before.

This is actually really important for developing cognitive functions, and for making sure your child’s brain is nurtured and developed properly. There are so many wonderful reasons to get your kid interested in guitar, and this is something we suggest you embrace as much as you can!

As you can see, there are so many things to consider when it comes to getting the best guitar for a 9 yer old. This is a big decision for any parent to make, and you need to look at the guitar as an investment for the future. This is something that your child can use to build confidence, boost creativity, develop their brains, and help in social scenarios. Music is one of the most powerful things in the world, and the guitar is one of the instruments we most associate with music.

It is important to buy the right guitar, and this might involve a bit of research, but it’s important. Check out the different options that are available, and, if it’s not a surprise, talk to your child about what they might like. Getting them the right guitar can enrich their lives, and improve their development long term!