Getting The Right Keyboard For Your 4 Year Old!



Music is a fantastic tool that some parents use to aid in their 4 year old’s development. Try to think back to when you were a child and how your parents used to calm you with some soothing music. Maybe you have unknowingly tried to sing tunes to your children when you want them to fall asleep.

Music is ingrained in our culture and learning music at a young age has several benefits for a child. Not only does learning to play music at a young age aid children in developing language and reading skills, it also benefits them in developing their math and motor skills as well.

While there are several instruments your 4 year old could learn, the keyboard is one of the easiest to get started on. Toy music keyboards are very popular among parents but with such a vast variety of options, it can be difficult to find the best “Keyboard For Your 4 Year Old!“– Well, we’re here to help!


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What To Look For In A Keyboard For Your 4 Year Old!

1) Quality

There are several toy keyboards available on the market that just don’t live up to the quality standards required for a child. They will probably be built of cheap plastic and flimsy material. You don’t want that. Pick a keyboard for a 4 year old that will be durable. Kid’s won’t always be responsible for their toys and the keyboard should be built well enough to take a few falls.


2) Sound Quality

Although it might be slightly pricier, a keyboard should have a decent enough sound quality that your child enjoys listening to it. Only when the sound quality is good will your child enjoy making music with it and hence meet the objective that you set out to reach.


3) Features

A toy keyboard for a 4 year old will usually come with a whole host of features including built-in demo tracks and a variety of sound effects. There are keyboards which also have animal sounds as a demo which is great as an educational tool for your child. These types of keyboards do a good job of not only providing musical education, but they are also good at holding a child’s attention.


4) Usability

While you would want your child to have fun with his keyboard, the main objective is to ensure that he learns and enjoys playing music. Pick a keyboard that your child does not have difficulty using. Ensuring usability of the keyboard would make sure that your child is constantly using the instrument and learning to make music.


5) Cost

Quality comes at a price, however, with enough research and following the tips mentioned in our article you should be able to get the best keyboard for your 4 year old at an affordable price. If you have to try and limit your budget, stay within it and do some research. Since this will probably be the first toy keyboard for your child you do not need to go all out, As long as it has the features we mentioned you should be good to go.

keyboard stand and keyboard for your 4 year old


Benefits Of A Keyboard For Your 4 Year Old!

Developing Language Skills:

Music is just another form of language. When your child learns to play musical instruments at a young age, it helps them in identifying and learning languages. A study at Northwestern University discovered a link between, music, rhythm and a child’s language ability.


Aids In Arithmetic Skills:

While most musical instruments help develop your child’s learning ability, learning how to play the keyboard/piano at a young age has shown to improve the arithmetic skills in children. A study showed that children who took up Piano at a young age generally scored higher on the SAT’s and Math exams than their counterparts.


Increase Motor Skills:

Since the keyboards require you to play with both hands simultaneously, it definitely helps develop fine motor skills in your child. There is an increase in hand-eye coordination as well as the overall dexterity. Getting a keyboard for your 4 year old can also aid in cognitive development in the child, helping them keep track of complex thought processes easily.


Aids In Concentration And All-Round Development:

Becoming a master at keyboards is no easy feat. When you get a keyboard, you are ensuring their concentration levels are built to the max. It helps them focus on a particular problem without getting distracted. The ability to focus on tasks to completion also helps them in becoming more disciplined.


Picking Up Other Musical Instruments With Ease:

It has been observed that children that learn how to play the keyboard at a young age find it easier to switch to other musical instruments at a later date. Due to the thoroughness of the musical lessons, the development of cognitive intelligence and the dexterity developed while playing the keyboards, they find it easier to play other musical instruments like the guitar.



microphone and keyboard for your 4 year old child


How The Different Pre-Programmed Rhythms Of A Keyboard For Your 4 Year Old Can Introduce Them To Different Styles Of Music!

Kid’s toy keyboards come with a large number of pre-programmed tunes, rhythms and songs. From classical music to jazz, blues, R&B as well as the kid’s favorites which are cartoon themes, animal noises and much more.

While they may not appreciate the full gamut of musical styles at such a young age, it will introduce them to different musical styles and cultures. Not only can they learn to develop a taste for the classical greats like Beethoven and Mozart, they will also form their own opinions on musical styles that they like.

Getting a keyboard for your 4 year old will help them broaden not only their musical horizons but their cultural boundaries as well. It will create an inquisitiveness about different musical styles which will aid in their all-round development as a person.

It’s never to early to start your child learning music. The fact is, the earlier your kids start learning music the better it is for their skill development.