Best Starter Keyboard For A Child!


All beginning piano/keyboard students need to have good instruments. But as a parent, you want to ensure that your kid has a good Starter Keyboard For A Child that will enable them to learn how to play, although you may not be willing to go out and purchase a baby grand just yet.

To enable parents to make a decision on what to get for their children, there are a number of important piano related considerations to make. The choices that are available can be a bit overwhelming, but knowing what to look for in a starter keyboard can make the process easier!


               Best Starter Keyboards For A Child!

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Tips On Getting the Right Starter Keyboard For A Child!

Don’t Rule Out A Full Sized Keyboard

Consider going for a full-sized keyboard or possibly one that has 5 or 6 octaves. Ensure that the keys are of a similar size to that of a real piano. These are vital points to consider as they will enable the child to learn correct finger spacing. Your child also gets to learn the instrument scale making it easier to adjust to other keyboards and pianos that they may come across later on.


Consider Getting a Synthesizer

The synthesizer will provide more options, each having a different effect, and is capable of reproducing the sounds made by many other instruments. In terms of choice, there is a great variety to choose from ranging from starter keyboards to sophisticated versions ideal for budding composers. The latter can be used together with a computer program. But it is essential to note that all these additional features may prove to be distracting and confusing for beginners.


Adjustable Stand

A good starter keyboard for a child should have an adjustable stand. In some instances, you may have to buy the keyboard stand separately. Once acquired, you can choose any stool or chair which fits comfortably for your child.


The Value Of Weighted Keys

Weighted keys provide more force to be pressed down, and once released, jump back up just as is the case with those of a real piano. Cheap starter pianos do not come with this particular feature. By getting your child a keyboard with weighted keys, they will be able to build their “finger strength” and polish their technique making it even easier to make the transition to a real-life piano.

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The Sensitivity Of The Keys

Parents are advised to go for keyboards that are touch sensitive. A touch sensitive keyboard is one whose keys respond in volume depending on how softly or hard you press them. It is a facility mainly available on high-end keyboards, and although it can be very convenient, it tends to differ from the acoustic ones. And this can be problematic at a later stage.


Try As Much As Possible To Keep It Simple

For beginners, it is best to keep the keyboard simple. Choosing a keyboard with many additional features or special effects could overwhelm the learner. The main focus, in the begininning, should be on the fundamentals.


Pre-Programmed Rhythms

Though many might take it for granted right now, the introduction of pre-programmed rhythms altered the musical landscape in a dramatic manner. Since then, learning to play keyboards has never been the same. Pre-Programmed Rhythms can instantly introduce a child to different musical “styles” and “feels.”


Learning Curve

Compared to other musical instruments, the keyboard is one instrument that is not so hard  to learn. A benefit of learning the instrument includes quick playability of this instrument. When a child is starting to learn how to play, there is usually a big learning curve that they must overcome within the first few months.


But this learning curve can be reduced by supplying the child with pre-programmed rhythms. By listening to the rhythms, the child will be able to mimic what is being played and attempt to play it in their starter keyboard. They will, therefore, get a better understanding of the keys, and the different notes used in each rhythm. Another benefit of pre-programmed rhythms include a simplified, and focused way of understanding different musical cultures. These rhythms can make it easier to understand intervals, scales, and chords.


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How A Starter Keyboard For A Child Can Introduce Them To Composing Their Own Songs!

The Keyboard As A Gateway To All Music

A keyboard is a very astounding instrument. It is an instrument played by people from diverse backgrounds, all of whom can learn something unique from playing it. Whenever composers sit down to come up with new pieces of music, they normally begin the creative process by tinkering around with their pianos. This is due to the fact that the piano has all the things that the songwriter and composers need. The unique ability to play chords and melody at the same time helps to separate this instrument from all the rest.


Playing the Piano Can Add Beauty to One’s Life

The music written for keyboards and the piano has the potential to bring out powerful emotions that may be locked in a person. The keyboard is an instrument that was initially designed to reflect human feeling, and emotions. Piano music is capable of delivering genuine delight and beauty, which is no surprise as many renowned keyboardists use it to express their feelings.