Toddler Keyboard And Microphone Reviews!


Getting a “Toddler Keyboard And Microphone” is a great idea! During the early development stage, if your child learns to recognize musical notes and rhythms, it can become very easy for him or her to pursue music seriously later on. Toddlers have a very inquisitive nature and they enjoy activities that provide a ’cause and effect’ phenomenon such as playing a keyboard.

A number of talented musicians discover their passion for music at a very early age. A toddler loves to shout, make noise and sing tunes in his or her own language. Getting your child a microphone will let him experiment with his voice. A child gets to flex his musical muscles on the keyboard and he can use the same knowledge while recording his voice and listening to it.

A microphone and a keyboard will not only entertain your toddler, but also let him follow the rhythm and melodies very easily. Your child can quickly learn to create his own melodies after he understands the musical notes and rhythms!

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Tips On Getting A Good Toddler Keyboard And Microphone!

You need to decide on what type of piano/keyboard you want for your child. You can either go for a mini replica of a full-sized piano or buy a toy-like keyboard. Child-friendly aesthetics visually appeal to children and will normally excite them. Miniature pianos are more friendly for kids who already know the basics of music and are already inspired by professional pianists.

Make sure that the toddler keyboard and microphone is not too big for the little hands of your toddler. If the child cannot reach all the keys easily, it will annoy him and he might lose interest. Getting a battery-operated keyboard allows for portability. It should not be too heavy for your toddler to carry as he might want to carry it around the house and play music.

Though you want the keyboard to be lightweight, it is a good idea to get something that is durable and is able to withstand the paces that a toddler will put it through. Make sure that the microphone easily fits the hands of your toddler and is easy to hold. It should not be too heavy for the child to carry the microphone with him.

toddler playing with a toddler keyboard and microphone


How A Toddler Keyboard And Microphone Can Provide Something Fun And Constructive For Your Toddler To Do!

In the age of non stop TV channels, smartphones, tablets and the Internet, some toddlers grow while watching cartoons all day long. Spending hours just watching cartoons every day is not good for the overall development of any toddler. Playing keyboards can give your toddler something constructive to do.

Introducing your child to music at an early age of development is not just good for the development of the child, but it can also entertain them just as much, if not more, than television.

Children love what they create. Children love the sketches they draw or paper toys they make. When toddlers observe that they can produce a sound which is pleasant to the ears just by pressing a key, it excites them!


Develop A Passion

As they spend more time on the keyboard and get familiar with all the sounds of the keys, it is good to start giving them music lessons. Make sure that you don’t try to force your toddler to learn anything. Let the child develop an interest in music on his own. It is your duty to make sure that the music lessons are fun and not boring for the child.


The State Of Flow

It is not easy for anybody to achieve the state of flow. You need passion and desire to excel while you are having fun to achieve the state of flow. When your child starts following the rhythm and notes, he is developing passion as well as skill. Let your child spend as much time he wants on the keyboard. Once your child develops a taste for the music, your child can stay glued to the keyboard and this type of engagement is highly constructive.


Plasticity Of Brain

Unlike the other organs of our body, our brain is highly “plastic”, i.e., it changes its form physically according to the type of activity it remains engaged in. The brain of a young child is extremely plastic.



If your child develops a taste for music, he will start expressing himself through it. At such an early age, most children don’t even know how to communicate effectively. Learning music is just like learning a language. Most of us don’t know this language, but a small child can pick it up easier than most adults if mentored properly. When your toddler starts expressing himself through music, he will probably never stop doing it throughout his life.



red and blue toddler keyboard and microphone



Everybody who meets your child will notice his love for music. As he starts receiving appreciation for playing music, he will enjoy play it more and more. He will be conditioned socially at a very early age to play music for the recognition and appreciation.


Music Shows & Concerts

Your child will instantly start following music he listens to. He will try to sing and play just like his favorite artists. You can also take your child to a live concerts as this can continue to provide inspiration.


To Sum Up

It is a great idea to introduce your toddler to music at the early stage of his development. You cannot make the child like or hate something forcefully, but if your child develops a taste for the music during the toddler years, he is extremely likely to pursue music seriously during his growing years.