Best First Piano For A Child!


Often referred to as the “king of all instruments”, the piano has certainly stood the test of time. Although a majority of parents love seeing their children gravitate towards it, buying the instrument for your child can be rather intimidating, especially if you do not have a musical background.

Questions like how much you should spend and the size of piano that would be ideal for your child will be running constantly through your mind. Remember, when purchasing the “First Piano For A Child“, you are buying much more than a physical object.

This musical instrument could be the beginning of a life full of musical bliss as well as a lifelong passion for music. Therefore, when selecting the best piano for your child, it is important to get it right!

              Best First Pianos For A Child!

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Key Features To Look For In The First Piano For A Child!

Paving The Way For A Lifetime Of Enjoyment!

Purchasing the first piano for a child can pave the way for a lifetime of enjoyment as well as intellectual stimulation. As such, before spending money on a piano, it is essential to determine whether it will ensure your child’s musical success. But with so many options, how could you possibly choose the best piano? To ensure that you get this overwhelming decision right, always consider the following:

Your Budget

Determine how much you are willing to spend on the piano and do not surpass the set limit. For your child’s First Piano, it is not necessary to go all out on the bells and whistles. Stay within a reasonable price range but ensure you get an instrument that your child will truly enjoy.


It is essential to learn the basics of the piano including the ease of playing and how easy it will be for your child. Is the instrument easy for your child to use? Ensure that the piano is not complicated and functions easily enough for your child to operate.

Sound Of The Instrument

The piano should be able to produce inviting sounds for your child. If your child does not like the sound it makes, then they will not enjoy playing it. This is an important consideration that will motivate your child to practice.


You do not need an extra-large piano for your child, especially at their beginner stages. A small or mid-sized instrument will do the trick. As they progress and polish on their playing skills, then you can purchase a bigger piano in time.

mp3 function for a first piano for a child



If you are getting a keyboard instead of a piano, a keyboard stand that is small, light and sturdy will be helpful. It is important to think about the weight as it determines how your child will be able to maneuver the keyboard. Other accessories include round-ear headphones that provide a fuller sound with minimal noise pollution, jack outputs, and cables. The speakers should also be powerful enough. Even so, the accessories should be kept simple.


A Smaller Piano As The First Piano For A Child!

Miniature Piano

Size matters when it comes to pianos. When buying the first piano for a child, do not expect them to master the grand piano. Just like anything else in life, it is better to progress slowly. Getting a miniature piano that fits your child’s size is a safe bet as it will allow them to have a “stable foundation,” Starting small is also a good way to gauge your child’s interest in playing the instrument.

It is not uncommon for children to lose interest in playing the piano over time. Contrary to popular belief, playing the miniature piano does not make it hard to step up to the normal-sized keyboard. In fact, when your child plays a piano that is better suited for their hands, they do not experience any unnecessary tension that may come with handling a larger piano. Other benefits like reduced learning times and increased comfort will be enjoyed.

By starting off on a miniature piano, it will be easier for your child to adapt to a new piano size. Once they have gone through this initial phase of playing the miniature keyboard, then they find it easy to take on any piano size in future. A miniature piano is budget-friendly, sounds great and saves an immense amount of space.


Although the piano is a great instrument for all sorts of learning aspects, it also ensures that your child remains entertained as they play. Learning to play this instrument provides an ambiance of fun and keeps your child happily occupied for the most part.


small girl - first piano for a child


Development Of Physical Skills

A piano is an instrument that allows your child to develop their motor skills and also enhances their motor coordination. As it requires movement of the hands, arms, and feet, the instrument is ideal for high-energy kids. This will also encourage your child to find comfort in uncomfortable positions.

Increased Self-Esteem

Learning to successfully play the piano is all about hard work and dedication. Every song mastered will immensely increase your child’s self-esteem and they will be happy to showcase their newly acquired talents.

Playing the piano generally offers something constructive for your child to do. Apart from developing a special set of skills, he or she will be more confident and outgoing. That young mind will gain a new hobby and will develop a “musical ear” while doing it.

The piano is an incredible instrument for children of all ages. With the benefits that it offers, you can count on a lifetime of melodic memories for your child. According to music teachers, you can never go wrong with the piano. It is exactly what you need to bring that much-needed excitement into your child’s life. Congratulations for being a piano parent who is giving their little one the wonderful gift of music!