Best Piano For A 5 Year Old!


With so many extracurricular activities available, your kid’s options are overwhelming. You may resolve to enroll them in a dance class, have them audition for drama club, join a sports team, or boy/girl scouts. Irrespective of what you choose, the piano is one extracurricular activity you will wish your child to pursue.

While mastering how to play piano can be an arduous task for kids at first, the benefits are worth the effort. This excerpt will cover the things that every parent planning to get the “Best Piano For A Year Old” should know!

                      Best Pianos For 5 Year Olds!

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Is A Miniature Piano The Best Piano For A 5 Year Old?

Introducing The Miniature Piano

A miniature piano is instrumental in helping your kid to learn crucial music skills at the early stages of their lives. Multitudes of studies have also revealed that this musical instrument tends to benefit other areas as well. Apart from helping your kid to learn and understand music, it also plays a critical role in helping them enhance their motor skills.

Mastering the piano helps kids to excel in other areas such as studies and sports by improving their coordination and concentration. When learning the piano, a child needs to perfect their eye-hand coordination. This coordination helps them perform well in sporting activities. Mastering the piano requires a child to sit down and concentrate. They will need to master skills for interpreting both rhythms and notes. Once they get the concept, they can generate creative movements out of their interpretation. Learning music allows your kid to develop an inventive and critical mindset.

Parents should take the responsibility of ensuring that kids are living a happy and stress-free life. That is why it may help to get a miniature piano for your kid since it acts as a great stress reliever. A 2013 study revealed that playing the piano is instrumental in easing stress and treating depression. It can also assist them in achieving a positive mood.


small 5 year girl playing a mini piano

Tips For Getting The Best Piano For A 5 Year Old!

Getting a suitable piano for your child can prove to be an intimidating task, especially if you lack a musical background. It is always difficult to decide the right size, cost, and type of piano that can meet the needs of your child. Fortunately, with some research and a little bit of information, you will be in a position to make an informed choice.

Remember, the process of getting your kid a piano is completely different from that of getting an adult piano. A piano marks the start of a life full of music and innovativeness. This piano could help your child develop from a novice to a professional pianist. Here are 3 tips to help you pick the best piano for your child.


1. Size

Pianos are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. You can decide to purchase a piano with keys ranging from 25 to 88. The advantages of buying a piano with below 88 keys are twofold: price and space. Fewer keys pianos cost relatively lower than those with many keys. They also occupy much less space than full-sized conventional pianos. Additionally, selecting a piano size that fits the arm span of your kid will allow them to make full use of all the keys available on the keyboard.

2. Weighted Keys As An Option

All acoustic piano keys have a weighted feeling due to the hammer mechanism that strikes the string once the key is played. Weighted keys allow the pianist to perfect their techniques and styles. Many manufacturers of miniature pianos have put a lot of consideration into mimicking the weighted feeling. Key weighting falls into four different categories:

• Spring action: This form of key weighting is common on cheap keyboards. They are available in two flavors of velocity: insensitive and velocity sensitive. Velocity-sensitive keys alter the note volume based on how firm you strike the keys.

• Semi-weighted: This type of weighting falls between spring action and weighted keys. They are mostly velocity sensitive.

• Weighted: It is similar to real acoustic piano keys. It is typically velocity sensitive.

• Hammer Action: This kind weighting is closer to real acoustic keys than the weighted one. It has heavier lower keys that mimic the heavier hammers available on an acoustic piano.

3. Budget

Getting the best piano for a 5 year old can be a bit nerve-wracking since it is hard to tell if the child is passionate about learning the piano or it is just a phase. Fortunately, many miniature pianos out there are quite affordable. However, cheap pianos miss important features like weighted keys as well as a full set of keys.


Best choice mini piano for a 5 year old


Instills Hard Work And Discipline:

Mastering a piano is not a walk in the park, especially for 5-year-olds. Apart from weekly lessons, your kid ought to practice almost daily. Mastering complex musical and piano skills call for hard work and intensive practice. The discipline that your kid acquires while playing piano can be instrumental in developing a professional career as a pianist.

Enhance Cognitive Skills:

Learning piano assists your kid in exercising and developing various cognitive skills. For instance, they will learn to memorize as well as compose their own songs. Apart from helping them perform well in their studies, these skills can inspire them to become professional pianists one day.

“Lose the Fear And Gain The Skills” Of Performing In Front Of Large Crowds

You should consider organizing family events at least once a year and have your kids showcase their piano-playing talents to their close friends and family members. Although playing piano in front of large gatherings can be frightening, the more your kid does it, the simpler it gets. Performing piano allows your child to gain more confidence while in front of large crowds. It also prepares your child for a successful career as a professional piano player.

Everyone would prefer to own a large, grand piano, but it is impractical in most cases, and there is also the ideal time to buy them. If you are planning to buy a piano for your kid, many smaller options to start with are available out there. A toy piano offers a nice unique sound, and it will not only offer entertainment, but it will also impart essential skills to your children for several years before they transition to acoustic pianos.