Best Floor Piano For Toddlers! (Dance Mats)


If you remember that Tom Hanks hit “Big”, then you must’ve watched him dancing joyfully on that huge floor piano dance mat! A “Floor Piano For Toddlers” is just the type of melodious toy you want in your house. These dance mats show best results on hard wood floors and operate using batteries.

Many of them come with easy compatibility CDs and MP3 players so your child can listen to their favorite music and also learn ways to easily play along. Many of them have been designed for getting young children and toddlers interested in melodious music and come with buttons for a wide range of sounds!

                Best Floor Pianos For Toddlers!

Best Floor Pianos For Toddlers # Of Keys Play, Record, Demo, And Playback Modes Adjustable Volume # Of Instruments Holds A Toddler's Interest Entertainment Value Value For The Money Ease Of Use Click Here To See More!
Keyboard Playmat 71" - 24 Keys Piano Play Mat - Piano Mat has Record, Playback, Demo, Play, Adjustable Vol. - Original - By Play22 24 8
Joyin Toy Gigantic Piano Fun Colorful Dancing Mat 71"-24 Keys Kids Electronic Keyboard Music Playmat Toy 24 8
Click N' Play Gigantic Keyboard Play Mat, 24 Keys Piano Mat, 8 Selectable Musical Instruments + Play -Record -Playback -Demo-mode 24 8
ALEX Toys Gigantic Step and Play Piano 24 8
Smart Planet Piano Mat 24 8

What Exactly Is A Floor Piano For Toddlers?

Many of these floor piano mats are quite versatile and provide recording & playback modes and allow your little Mozart to compose his own personalized tunes and play them back exclusively for you at some later time.

Many of them are much more than just piano mats. They’re actually completely functional mats that are packed with features that allow many sound effects. Some of these can also double up as a child’s play area for running toy trucks and cars across them while their favorite music plays in the background.

Their piano keys are arranged symmetrically and are perfect for more than haphazard music and play time. Each of their keys corresponds to a right note and helps your child in learning about the nuisances of music as they play.

Not only are these Floor Piano Dance Mats good for learning music, they are fine for getting some indoor exercises and prevent kids from leading sedentary lifestyles even when the weather is not right outside.They can also encourage your loved one to jump around happily in an effort to create his next best tune, and these mats can be easily used with friends to recreate more fun.


Kids dancing on a floor piano for toddlers

Benefits Of The Floor Piano For Toddlers!

It’s a fact that music nurtures mind, body as well as soul. It is important for kids because it improves their emotional and mental development from quite an early age. It also encourages their minds and bodies to work cohesively, and as many would argue, also helps them in becoming even more well-rounded, successful individuals. It’s not just helpful to listen to good music, it’s beneficial for kids to learn to play and sing as well. Dancing helps in motor skill development. Listening and singing to songs encourages language development. It’s also good for learning some self-expression in life.

All this is vital for a child’s cognitive and physical development. Participation in any kind of music also imbibes social learning among a wide range of age groups. Kids learn ways to develop many new friendships, and enhance their concentration, creativity, discipline, and ability to easily cooperate with others.

Music benefits kids by helping them to recognize rhythm and melody and learn ways to mimic sounds. Infants and toddlers boost their memory and motor skills when they participate in word repetition and dancing. Preschoolers can learn ways to express most of their creativity by going with the flow and dancing in the manner that suits them the best. Grade school children can also improve teamwork and memory abilities by learning ways to play actuall instruments, memorizing various songs, and learning the type of music which they like or dislike.

Teenagers can use music to establish long term friendships and form a creative expression. Music is a great and enchanting social experience for people of all ages. It ensures a strong and lasting bonding experience for siblings and others in the family and can help a child develop lifetime friendships.For this reason buying floor piano for learning and fun can be hugely beneficial for your child, irrespective of his age. The best musical piano mat for the right age group can boost your child’s interest in best music and fun.


girl dancing on floor piano for toddlers


History Of The Floor Piano Dance Mat!

Did you know history of Floor Piano almost dates back to the history of piano itself. The piano was invented in 1709 by Bartolomeo di Francesco Cirsitofori. Experts have produced different types of pianos over the years and they extend much beyond the basic strings, hammers, and ivory keys.

These days you find player pianos that are similar to original pianos, except that they have internal electronics and memory mechanisms and use electronics to play all previously recorded titles automatically creating breathtaking live performances. They are best for learning about music or just sitting back in relaxing way and listening to good music.

Digital pianos are actually electronic keyboards that can be purchased online or in stores. They generate, rich sounds that are cumbersome to rival. Many include many features to help beginner piano players to learn to make high quality Music.

However, even with these advancements it’s impossible to replace the quality of traditional pianos. Nothing can reproduce the kind of sound they produce, and renowned composers, conductors, and songwriters still like the traditional rich sound of the iconic concert grade piano.

All these innovative advancements have further led to the introduction of Floor Piano Dance Mats and keyboards to kids to spark their interest in different genres of music early in life and to teach them all the basics while having pure fun in life until they finally get their hands on the real thing.

colorful floor piano for toddlers









Choosing A Piano Dance Mat!

• Piano Dance Mat is actually a giant keyboard on which your kids can play music, so try to choose one with a good size (around 2-3 meters long) and it should have at least 20 keys. There should be a few built-in instrument sounds as well.
• Check if the instrument has four modes to select – Record, Play, Demo, and Playback
• Try to choose one with a MP3 Player dock as it allows a child to play along to their own music.
• The mat should have a wipe clean surface and a perfect volume control mechanism. Your child should also be able to play back his or her performances.
• It’s best if the floor piano comes with some demo songs to get your child started.


A Floor Piano For Toddlers is a great way for your child to discover the sheer joy and satisfaction that comes from making melodious music. As they grow, they can easily progress from just sounding the keys to understanding more about the notes, and then making chords and melodies. Your child also improves social skills by playing with friends on his Floor Piano Dance Mat, or while creating tunes on a wider scale. Leaping across the Dance Mat also gives your child an outlet for all that natural energy!