Best Toy Guitar For A 3 Year Old!


Do you have a three-year-old who moves to the beat of every song he hears? A toy guitar will put a smile on the face of your little music lover. A “Toy Guitar For A 3 Year Old” offers musically inclined kids hours of fun. That aside, it boosts their creativity and imagination. Here’s some advice on getting the right one!

                 Best Toy Guitars For A 3 Year Old!

Best Toy Guitars For 3 Year Olds! # Of Built-In Songs Lights Up Special Effects / Sounds Hold's A 3 Year Old's Interest Entertainment Value Visually Appealling Value For The Money Other Features And Perks Click Here To See More!
VTech Zoo Jamz Guitar 8 Can choose acoustic or electric guitar sounds. Guitar strap. Volume control.
KidKraft Lil Symphony Electric Guitar Toy N/A Guitar rhythms and melody notes. 8 music chords. Volume control. Shoulder strap
Lightahead Electronic Toy Guitar with Sound and Lights Electric Guitar With Preset Music And Vibrant Sounds 16 6 real guitar strings. Shoulder strap
DJ Guitar Electronic Musical Toy Instrument with Interactive Buttons, Sounds, Lights for Toddlers N/A 3 musical styles : rock, pop, and blues.
aPerfectLife Guitar Musical Instruments Educational Toy DJ Guitar Electronic Musical Toy Instrument with Interactive Buttons N/A Piano mode, song mode, animal mode, mixed chord, songs pivot.
Fisher-Price Dora and Friends Play It Two Ways Guitar N/A Electric and acoustic guitar modes.

Why a Toy Guitar For A 3 Year Old Is So Much Fun!

Actual guitars are too large for your child to handle. Because a real guitar is so bulky, he may lose interest in it after a while, no matter how musically inclined he is. It’s magic will disappear. Furthermore, a toddler can’t concentrate on a real guitar for too long. Hence, a toy guitar is an excellent alternative for a very young child. It is fun because it makes him feel like the “cool guitarists” he sees on stage.

Of course, a toy guitar for a 3 year old stimulates a child’s curiosity. He will want to know how it creates sounds. As he interacts with the instrument, he will want to use it to create songs of his own. Fun and learning go hand-in-hand. A mini guitar stimulates a child’s brain development. His enjoyment increases as he explores it and it’s shape.

It also improves a child’s hand-to-eye coordination. As this happens, your child’s love for music will grow. His curiosity can turn into a passion! Also, toddlers are attracted to shiny objects. An electric toy guitar can feature blinking, eye-catching buttons that produce pleasant sounds when pressed. It can hold your child’s attention for hours!

Finally, toy guitars are accessible to all 3 year olds. Browse through through online dealers, and you are bound to find one. It’s easy enough to find slender, pink guitars for girls. With these, any child can experience the beginning joys of music!


 girl playing with a toy guitar for 3 year olds

Entertainment Features In A Toy Guitar For A 3 Year Old! : Electric and Acoustic Toy Guitars

Electric and Acoustic toy guitars flood online stores. Many come with incredible accessories that will keep a child hooked. Here are some of the entertainment features that you should bear in mind when choosing a toy guitar.

Electric Toy Guitars

a. Multi-Colored skins, Fun Designs, and Lights

Electric Toy Guitars come in an array of vibrant colors and designs. To make them more fun for your three-year-old, some retailers make them inflatable. Manufacturers make them in solid colors for boys, and sweet pink for girls. Many include jazzy, eye-catching lights.

b. Accessories

There are electric guitar sets that include microphones and funky sunglasses. Many manufacturers make them life-sized, so your child will feel just like a performer on stage.

c. Sound Effects/Built-In Songs

Of course, many of these have light-up buttons that will catch your young toddler’s eye. Some produce funny animal sounds or your child’s favorite nursery rhymes when pressed; these will tickle your three-year-old immediately! Some of these sound effects reflect rock, hip-hop, R and B, and other musical genres. Other light-up buttons emit the sounds of different musical instruments.

d. Modular

Many electric guitars include buttons that allow you to switch between acoustic and electric modes. Kids learn by mimicking adults. Some toy guitars feature a freestyle mode. It gives your child the opportunity to play as a professional guitarist would.

e. Multi-Functional

Learning music doesn’t have to stop at the guitar. Manufacturers have limitless imaginations. The toy guitars they come up with transform into piano keyboards or violins at the touch of a switch. They can even come with violin sticks.

f. Speakers

The latest toy guitar models come with speakers that intensify sounds. They amp up whatever your child sings or plays. In some cases your child can record the music he produces on your cell phone.

Acoustic Toy Guitar

Acoustic guitars can transform your little one into a top-notch guitarist. Most of these function like real guitars. Here’s what to look out for if you want your three-year-old to start playing like a professional.

a. Genuine Guitar Strings

Stringed toy guitars should function like real ones. They should come with quality nylon strings.

b. Picks

A mini acoustic guitar should come with a pick. 

c. Tuning Knobs

Some acoustic guitars present teaching opportunities. They come with tuning knobs. You can introduce your young one to how a guitar is supposed to look, and essential musicianship skills like tuning.


red and black toy guitar for 3 year olds


How A Toy Guitar For A 3 Year Old Can Boost Imagination And Learning!

A mini guitar fosters your child’s creativity and enhances essential life skills. Here’s how it achieves this.

Pretend Play

First, children learn through play. Your child can start to embrace musicianship skills as he role plays being a guitarist. He may discover his passion for songs and instruments.

Socialization Skills

Your child can learn how to interact with others as he uses his guitar. He can take turns using it with his siblings. They can learn cooperative play. Some children can be audience members, and each can have his or her turn on stage.

Motor Skills

Physical learning can take place too. A mini guitar develops a child’s hand to eye coordination. His motor skills also improve as he learns how to ‘strum’ his guitar.

Visual Learning

Visual learning also takes place when your child plays with his instruments. The blinking lights and different-colored guitar skins can teach him about colors and color associations. He will also learn about shapes, and this can be a building block for reading.

Language Development

A mini guitar can nurture your child’s language as well. Your child will build his linguistic skills as he learns the lyrics of songs and sings them with others. Play can translate into writing and reading.

Logical Thinking

Your child can also develop logical thought through play. As he interacts with the buttons and guitar strings, he can pick up essential skills like sequencing, putting things together, and sorting.

Encompasses All Areas Of Development

Playing the guitar can teach your child in so many ways way. He can develop physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally. Singing different songs will help him express himself. He can learn which ones are sad, and which are joyful.

In all, a toy guitar doesn’t only foster your child’s musicianship. It helps him learn in many ways!