Getting A Toy Guitar For Your 4 Year Old!


The earlier you introduce your child to the world of guitars, the better it is since your child’s brain is still developing and has so much flexibility. Now, if you already own a guitar, you can help your kid strum strings or some chords. However, you will notice that the magic of playing an actual guitar will disappear after a few minutes and even the smallest of guitars will be too big for your kid. Your child can’t master the concentration to handle an actual guitar at such a tender age.

A “Toy Guitar For Your 4 Year Old” on the other hand, is a great alternative for a toddler who admires guitars. It can enable your 4 year old to easily explore the instrument and the typical guitar sounds. A toy guitar makes your son or daughter feel like a real guitarist. This gives your kid a sense of accomplishment and provides the motivation required to keep learning how to play!

                  Best Toy Guitars For 4 Year Olds!

Best Toy Guitars For 4 Year Olds! # Of Built In Songs Lights Up Special Effects / Sounds Holds A 4 Year Old's Interest Entertainment Value Visually Appealling Value For The Money Other Features And Perks Click Here To See More!
DJ Guitar Electronic Musical Toy Instrument with Interactive Buttons, Sounds, Lights for Toddlers N/A 3 musical styles : rock, pop, and blues.
aPerfectLife Guitar Musical Instruments Educational Toy DJ Guitar Electronic Musical Toy Instrument with Interactive Buttons N/A Piano mode, song mode, animal mode, mixed chord, songs pivot.
Fisher-Price Dora and Friends Play It Two Ways Guitar N/A Electric and acoustic guitar modes.
VTech Zoo Jame Guitar 8 Can choose acoustic or electric guitar sounds. Guitar strap. Volume control.
KidKraft Lil Symphony Electric Guitar Toy N/A Guitar rhythms and melody notes. 8 music chords. Volume control. Shoulder strap
Lightahead Electronic Toy Guitar with Sound and Lights Electric Guitar With Preset Music And Vibrant Sounds 16 6 real guitar strings. Shoulder strap

How A Toy Guitar For Your 4 Year Old Can Provide Tons Of Joy!

Just like girls are into fashion and men like sports, kids like toys. Toys make them feel cool. At 4, your child can handle toys properly and will want to experiment with various things!

Toddlers enjoy discovering and playing with new toys and a toy guitar is one of those things that will stir great excitement in them. The fact that it’s not just a toy, but also a musical instrument makes it even better. We all love music from a very young age, and a toy guitar provides a unique opportunity to both play and learn music! And unlike an actual guitar, toy guitars are specifically designed to appeal to young children.

A 4 year old can have so much fun with a toy guitar, especially if she has already developed a liking for guitars at that early age. Since the child is enjoying what he/she is doing, her attention span increases and she can play the toy guitar for longer sessions.

tiny girl playing with a toy guitar for your 4 year old

A Toy Guitar For Your 4 Year Old Is Great For Creativity & Imagination!

When a child is playing with his toy guitar, the instrument becomes more than just a toy. It transforms into a music object, a vessel of imagination and a tool that enhances learning. Music is an art and just like all other forms of art, it requires the full attention of a person’s body and mind. This type of art isn’t visually appealing, but it reaches and touches someone in a way that brings wonderful thoughts and ideas into the mind.

The same happens to your 4 year old as he plays with his toy guitar. The child can feel the tempo of the music physically as well as connect with it emotionally. As a child connects with music in an emotional way, his imagination grows. Eventually, the child’s imagination reaches a level where he can create his own work of art, be it music or otherwise.

Playing a guitar works the left side of the brain which is responsible for creativity. The more your child plays the toy guitar, the better he becomes at it and the more the creative side of the brain grows. Just like a muscle, the child’s creativity will keep developing with more practice. Increased creativity leads to development of new ideas and enhances the learning ability of a child.

When your 4 year old is playing with a toy guitar, his energy level is boosted. Increased energy levels leave the child feeling motivated and inspired. This happens because music inspires all people (including adults.) That’s why you will find people working out, reading or doing any other activity while listening to music. Inspiration is key to growing a child’s imagination and gaining it from playing a guitar will only improve your child’s imagination.

fingerboard of a toy guitar for your 4 year old

Extra Entertainment Features To Look Out For In A Toy Guitar For Your 4 Year Old!

Every 4 year old wants to explore wonderful, imaginative things. When buying a toy guitar for your child, make sure to maximamize on entertainment features so that the guiter will keep the kid excited! The main reason for buying the guitar in the first place was for the child’s fun. Keeping this in mind, go for a toy guitar that will awe your child. After considering a toy guitar that is properly-sized and sounds great, some of the cool features to look out for are vibrant colors, built in songs, fun designs, built in sounds and lights.

When toddlers are fascinated by their interaction with something, their imagination will roam freely. Getting your child a toy guitar with bright colors and an attractive, fine design will keep his interest held most of the time. You can even opt for one with flashy lights to give your kid a much more thrilling experience.

If you want your child to spend the entire day rocking without getting bored of his guitar, get him a toy guitar with built in sounds and songs. Kids enjoy playing pretend with the built in songs. He can also come up with his own remixes from the built in sounds by simply adjusting the tempo on her guitar. A child will consider these results to be his own successes thus motivating him to spend even more time with her toy guitar.

A toy guitar with simple kid controls and buttons will make it easier for your kid to use the instrument. Large buttons are best since your child may be confused by many small buttons. An added shoulder strap to make the guitar easily portable will complete this enthralling package.

There is no better way to introduce your 4 year old to guitars than by buying them a nice toy guitar. He or she will have fun as well as learn early lessons on how to play the guitar. Ensure you get a shiny and colorful guitar for your child since interesting things arouse the curiosity of toddlers. There is a variety of designs to choose from in the market. Whether you want a design featuring spiderman for your small boy or a pink one for your young daughter, you will definitely find it. And you never know, maybe your kid may grow up to be a big-time guitarist!