Keysies Transparent Plastic Removable Piano and Keyboard Note Stickers – Plus Handy Placement Guide.

$15.95 (as of July 19, 2018, 8:19 am) & FREE Shipping. Details $7.95

Brand new features: Keysies® are now made from double coated polyester, meaning that the print is now encapsulated within the stickers themselves. This means that you can have the luxury of the notes at your fingertips, where a pianists eye is naturally drawn, without the print wearing off… ever!. We have also improved the adhesive, and we have rounded the corners of the stickers off to avoid any peeling. Keysies® now also come with a little wooden stick, to help you apply your Keysies!
IMPORTANT NOTE: A PACK OF KEYSIES® CONTAINS 52 STICKERS NOT 88. A FULL SIZE 88 KEY KEYBOARD HAS ONLY 52 WHITE KEYS. KEYSIES® ARE APPLIED ONLY TO THE WHITE KEYS! Quantity: 52 Stickers (Applied to the white keys only, enough for a full sized 88 key piano/keyboard) Each Keysie® measures 16mm by 35mm, Ideal size for any instrument without hanging over the edge of the keys.
Keysies® are made from a very high quality transparent polyester (stronger and more durable than vinyl). Many keyboards/pianos have keys that are slightly off-white, and some pianos have ivory keys. Transparent stickers look much nicer on these instruments.

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